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Sons of MarsI was chatting to a mate of mine last weekend about various aspects of digital publishing that we’d both been exploring for games and novels. There’s quite a lot to get your head round, and it’s subtly different for games and books. Not so subtly in some areas.

Both of us have a series of projects that will use this route into the big wide world, though Mark’s a bit ahead of me in this regard having just uploaded his first novel: Sons of Mars.

This is an SF story set on Mars (you guessed?) and though I haven’t quite finished it yet, so far it reminds me of the sort of “young adult” fiction I read when I was younger. As that was his original target audience I think that’s a good thing.

Actually, I still read books that are classed as being for kids quite a lot as there are some real gems lurking in what is, after all, a convenient pigeonhole for the book trade rather than the authors. Unless you’re talking specifically “adult” themes or using obscure language and terminology, stories are stories and shouldn’t have an age restriction on being enjoyed.

If you’re interested it’s available as an ebook here.

And as a physical book here.

Just thought I’d say 😉

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  1. Danny says:

    Some of the children/young adult fiction is really very good. I’m in my mid 40’s and a while ago bought the Ranger’s Apprentice series for my sons…I also read them and was surprised at how thoroughly I enjoyed them.

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