Dungeon Sagas Kickstarter

And it’s up! The Kickstarter is here if you haven’t seen it already.

I think this is the best video they’ve done for a Kickstarter so far, and it’s an interesting change of pace to have just a single pledge level. That makes things nice and simple.

We’re already through the first stretch goal and closing fast on the second, so that’s a bunch of extra models in everyone’s boxed set. More shiny toys is always a good thing. And the more models in the set, the more variation I can get into the scenarios, which all adds to the fun and the challenge of actually playing too.


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  1. Grim says:

    No you only have to provide the AI rules Jack as per request of the Bakers 😉

  2. crimsonsun says:

    So what’s the inside track on the beta rules for this, also I had a thought when I was on the train back here this evening, will there be any online dungeon creating software coming out for this. I imagine it would be very easy to make/design and would make for a great cheap add on. I have no issues designing dungeons etc but my art skills leave a lot to be desired so it would be nice to have a program that has all the tiles, tokens and models I could just place how I wished, with some room for running additional scripts for text…

    I was lucky enough to grab an early bird for this one, like yourself I look my partner at home which really helps for being online at set times for things like Kickstarters.. 😀

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve done what I’m calling an Alpha set which is being laid out now. Well, the lay out is done, they’re working on some diagrams. I’m calling this Alpha because there’s still loads to add to it. I just thought it would be cool to give people the core rules to make a start with.

      I’ve not heard anything about software for DS, though it does sound like it wouldn’t be too tricky. I’ll ask.

      • crimsonsun says:

        Sounds good! I need a diagram monkey myself! Lol it would make my life so much easier, that and a Lay out Servant… 😀

        Thanks for asking it was just a passing thought in my quagmire of a brain :p, so far I am loving the Undead Focus of the game and we are yet to see Zombie Trolls and the Zombie Troll Shaman (I am really wanting these, I am hoping there is options for buying these guys as an add on as well as I want them for my undead Army), though I expect there will be some additional dead good additions that are surprises.

        I am also assuming that there will be add on for living adversaries though at a much later stretch goal amount (guessing 350K+), finally to end with another question have you got (way way down the line expect) a Stretch goal that includes rules for creating Undead via a Template.. I want Undead Angels to be Reapers (Which I am converting for my Undead Army) now I am not expecting mantic to produce them but if I had some kind of template well that would be amazing….

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Checking the KS this morning shows a couple of add-ons, and the next stretch goal is optional resin models. If they don’t offer them as add-ons then you should ask on the KS comments. I’m sure they’d be happy to sell you an army’s worth 😉

          What adversaries get added depends purely on how far we get. We’ve discussed a long line of possibilities, though I doubt we’ll get anywhere near all of them.

          I don’t work with a template to create undead. Each type is hand crafted (as it were).

        • Matt Price says:

          OOoo… That’s a great idea to bring up on the KS page if you haven’t already (and I’ll add my voice). Jake, if you haven’t poked Ronnie et al., yet, it would be most outstanding to add an option to purchase the “stretch goal” (I.e., the freebies) minis in the same material as the game, but *unassembled* so we can mix up the poses and customize them for either the game or Kings of War or other good stuff!

          Anything to allow folks to consider increasing their pledges… So the amount creeps upwards and towards more goodies.

  3. Torkel says:

    I went over to watch the kickstarter video after reading your comment, and you’re right.
    That video is very well done! Best I’ve seen, by far. I’m so excited for it all.

  4. alessandro says:

    nice to see a new dungeon crawler from you.
    i’.ve been in DBO, i’m in Deadzone and DBX Kickstarter but this time there are two things that make me think before joining in:
    – a year to wait for the game is a lot of time.
    – mantic always has “preorder offer” not a lot different from the kickstarter one, so i can wait the game in the online store.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thanks Alessandro, and thanks for backing the other games 🙂

      From what the FAQ on the page says, I think the deadline includes a couple of month’s worth of soak to allow for suppliers messing up. It’s happened before. It’s better to do this than either miss the deadline or deliver something on time that could have been better quality. At least, I think it is.

      You have to decide what works best for you. If that’s waiting till it’s in the stores then that’s your call. If you choose to do that you will miss some KS exclusives though, so for some people it might not be just about the price. And it won’t make the year go any faster 😉

  5. oh wow ive been following this for a while now through various sites and never realised this was same the jake thornton whose white dwarf articles i used to read as a teenager. doh! Loving the previews so far as a big whq fan. the adventurers book seems very reminiscent of the second book in whq in the box set. backed!

  6. Simon says:

    How does the co-op backstabbing work for different player numbers? If it’s a 1vs1 game I guess this is out no? If it’s 2 v 1 does that mean two pairs of characters vs undead and the backstabbing is one of your characters backstabbing one of your “partner’s”.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      At present, the Core version of the game is a pure co-op when there’s more than one Hero player. This avoids the fiddle of who has the extra Hero model and how that impacts their winning (among other things). Essentially then, the Core game is a 2 sided game, and may be 2 player or may be more (but there would still be 2 sides).

  7. Will Dungeon Saga be on 25mm squares or 20mm squares like Dwarf King’s Hold tiles? It *looks* like it might be 25mm from the stills I’ve seen of the painted figures…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      DKH tiles are already 25mm squares (and always have been). DS will be the same.

    • Matt Price says:

      Any chance the minions might get mounted on 20mm bases? They’ll match my Kings of War figures that way, but more importantly, this 1) gives you a bit of wiggle room on the board when the quarters get tight, 2) makes the heroes and bosses look more impressive alongside their minion allies/foes, and 3) makes the board look a bit less cluttered and small. The full-square bases make the already small dungeon tiles look even smaller.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        As far as I know they’re all being sculpted with integral 25mm bases (as you can see in the pics on the KS). However, as they’re going to be plastic and stone flag textured, it would be simple to trim them smaller if you wanted to.

  8. Mi7 says:

    Great work so far, this is the 1st Mantic KS i have backed, have to admire the drive to bring out games of an ilk from a classic era, Jake can you reveal a little about how the combat works? Is it roll to hit/damage etc or can you choose an attack stance and so on??

    Cheers MaL

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Hi MaL,

      the Alpha rules should be up very soon, but if you’ve seen Dwarf King’s Hold then it uses the same simple mechanic as that. I’ve just explained it slightly differently to make it easier to learn. It works like this:

      A model has a number of dice it uses in hand-to-hand combat. These are normal D6.

      A model also has an armour value. This is a fixed value which an opponent must beat in order to damage them.

      When you fight, one model attacks the other. Only the defender can be damaged.

      Both sides roll their number of dice (with a couple of possible modifiers that add or take away dice). They then compare their dice rolls. The principle is roll once, read twice.

      1st read: discard any dice from both sides that don’t beat the defender’s armour. These attacks were too weak to worry about, and the defence too feeble to help.

      2nd read: if there are any attacking dice left, compare them to any remaining defender’s dice. Take them in pairs with the highest remaining attacking dice being compared to the highest remaining defender’s dice, then next highest from each side, and so on. Each attacking dice that beats the defender’s dice it is paired against scores a hit.

      Different models react differently to being hit. some crumple after a single hit others need several to put down, while Heroes can be injured and still fight on.

  9. Mi7 says:

    Could you describe a little about how the heroes move an explore a dungeon scenario in general, e.g roll to move, LoS reveals rooms etc??

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