Tank Girl & Booga Miniatures

I’m old enough to remember Tank Girl from Deadline, having bought that from issue 1, back in the day. So when I saw that Frothers were doing a set with TG, Booga and Koala I thought I really ought to grab one. Not for any specific purpose, just because…

Sadly I wasn’t able to get a tank 😦

That was quite a while ago. Of course, the project was part of Frothers’ annual charity thing, and it wasn’t like I had an urgent need for a TG figure, so I just Googled the topic once every month or two to see where it had got to. That meant that I wasn’t entirely surprised when they finally dropped through the letter box this week.

Rather than me tell you what they look like, here’s a bunch of photos so you can see for yourself. This is straight out of the packet 🙂

tg_setThe models came with a postcard and some resin bases.



tg_basesTG picrsz_booga_pic_1

Booga pic 2

Can you still get them? I have no idea. You’ll have to have a look over at their FB page. Me, I’m happy to have them, and can almost think of a use for them 😉


EDIT: I originally credited this to WAMP by mistake. Thanks to statuesqueminiatures for correcting me.

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14 Responses to Tank Girl & Booga Miniatures

  1. Ben says:

    Couldn’t get the money together for these before they got pulled. My understanding was they wouldn’t be on general release 😦

  2. Eric says:

    Awesome, never knew that they made one. Just watched the movie last month, still have a small promotional poster for the movie also.

  3. davekay says:

    Wow, they really captured Jamie Hewlett’s art in those models

  4. Danny says:

    Nice sculpts. I especially like the Booga sculpt, its got some great detail!!!

  5. Sam Dale says:

    Dang. Might have had me a pair of those.

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