Spoke Too Soon

Those pics will have to wait till tomorrow when I’ve got better light. I’ll try again first thing. I did mean to do this earlier, I just got distracted by work.

Turns out that the box contents models have far more subtle mould lines than the Tiger Corps I showed you before. So much so that I’ve been having trouble getting them on camera at all. They are there, very slightly, in real life, when you hold them at the right angle. Perhaps it’s partly the different colours. It’s really hard to see any lines at all on the red heroes, though presumably they must be there somewhere. Maybe some white primer would pick them out.

It’s hard to clean up stuff that you can’t see 🙂

Still, I’ve done a couple of models. It’s interesting stuff. Apologies for the delay. I really must organise a proper photography set up, then I wouldn’t have this problem.

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2 Responses to Spoke Too Soon

  1. Anthony says:

    What can you equate the models to in terms of modification? How does it cut into? How does it clean up?

    I’ve got my core box models that I’d love to clean up but I’m unsure how to go about doing that. Also, will the DZ decks have the same point values as their MA counterparts? Or will they pointed on a model by model basis instead of the whole squad?

  2. Aaron says:

    You could always hit them with a wash to make the lines really stand out. The primer will cover it once you’ve got them clean.

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