Don’t Use That, Use This!

Slight change of plan. Remember those Mars Attacks miniatures I showed you yesterday? Well I had to give them back for photography. Still haven’t got the whole shipment of those things in yet. However, I’ve managed to replace them with a boxed game of Mars Attacks, so I’m not short of models to play with 🙂

I’ve made a start, and am experimenting. Tune in tomorrow for some pics…

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10 Responses to Don’t Use That, Use This!

  1. Anthony says:

    Give them back for photography? Now whatever could that really mean.

  2. Les Fulbrook says:

    Aren’t there others they could have photographed?

  3. PikaRapH says:

    So you had time to clean and spray them ? ^^

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Clean, yes, but not photograph. That’ll have to wait till tomorrow as I can’t get decent pics with this set up. Need to work on that.

      Intriguingly, the mould lines on the main box contents are much less noticeable than the ones I photographed. I couldn’t get them to show at all on several pics.

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