Deadzone: Cards And Actions

Following on from a question on the FAQ thread, I’ve been re-reading the rules concerning the way certain cards work. It isn’t really as clear as I’d like so I thought I’d try to make it clearer here.

The cards in question are the ones that give actions, or things that work “exactly like” them. For example, the cards called Courage and Move.

The first line of the rules on card play says that cards are played “in addition to actions”. What this means is that the card gives the model an action that is not restricted by the normal limitation of only being allowed to use a given action once per Turn. In other words, you get all your normal actions and the card is on top.

Other than the general exception of card play being “in addition to actions”, other aspects of the card effect are “exactly like” the action in question. This means that they are restricted in when they can be used, exactly like the action itself. So, assuming I haven’t done an action yet this Turn, I can’t use a Move card if I couldn’t take a Move action in this situation, and I can’t use a Courage card if I couldn’t Get Mean!

I hope that’s clearer.

Incidentally, it does make me think of a series of possible future battle cards that might work when actions wouldn’t normally be allowed. They’ll have a nasty tendency to create loopholes, but might be worth exploring 🙂

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20 Responses to Deadzone: Cards And Actions

  1. Pikaraph says:

    Thanks for clarifying !
    What about Overwatch ? Did you get some time to write about it ?

  2. Teskal says:

    It would be cool if there are cards for air strikes and artillery. Similiar to Mars Attacks.

  3. Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

    sooo… may I use a move card and then shoot with a deliberate weapon?

  4. Josh says:

    Maybe I was doing it right all along, or maybe I’m really confused, but this explanation (the blog above) doesn’t clarify anything for me… can someone give me an example of what is illegal when it comes to the Move and Courage (and other) cards…. I totally get Jonaton’s and jsb87’s question and answer and agree. But where is it that the cards are being used illegally or by mistake?

    • Josh says:

      the only situation I can think of is if people are trying to use Courage and Move cards when models are already pinned/suppressed while in a cube with an enemy model… so in those cases, your only options are Fight or do nothing, so you can’t use the move card to get out of there.. is that all Jake was trying to clarify?

      • PikaRapH says:

        that’s the question we had and Jake answered.
        – A model that is Pinned/Suppressed in a cube filled with at least 1 enemy model cannot get a Courage card played on it.
        – A model that is in a cube filled with at least 1 enemy model cannot get a Move card played on it.

        • Josh says:

          cool.. based on Jake’s answer I thought there was something way more integral to the game that I was totally missing or playing incorrectly!!! phew!!!

  5. grimdork says:

    So the only thing I wasn’t clear on here… can we use a courage card on a suppressed model and then his get mean action to clear to alert, then his second action to move/shoot/what have you?

    • byzantinecataphract says:

      That, I believe, is perfectly legal and one of the most common uses of Courage cards (getting your people up and about so as not to waste a turn suppressed).

  6. byzantinecataphract says:

    So, let me get this straight- if you start your activation in the same cube as an enemy model, then you can only Fight or Break Off (as per activation rules).

    That means no Get Mean and thus no Courage? So you cannot use Courage to go from Alert to Enraged and then use your Long Action to Fight?

    Also, you cannot get up to Alert UNLESS you choose to Fight, with the penalty that you get from standing up from Pinned or Suppressed? And if for some reason you do not have a Fight stat and you are Pinned/Suppressed (so far only the Judwan I think, the rest are constructs/vehicles so the point is moot), you have to wait until the other guy fights you to try and Survive?

    • Pikaraph says:

      You can’t choose to Fight during your activation if you’re Pinned/Suppressed and in the same cube that an enemy model. You just can’t do anything.

      • byzantinecataphract says:

        That’s true, you can’t even choose another action. So in essence until someone chooses to fight you or you get saved, you can’t do anything.

        Here’s an interesting scenario: You have two models in a cube, they get Pinned (not even suppressed). An enemy Moves to the cube, fights one of your Pinned models, and kills it. It chooses not to Fight the second one as a free action.

        So RAW until for some reason the other model gets removed from that cube somehow, every time you activate your Pinned unit it can do nothing. Your opponent, in his activation, can choose his model to do nothing, essentially tying up your unit with his own unit. Imagine an enforcer captain being pinned by a 3-point dog this way?

        • Pikaraph says:

          This is how it works, Jake explained this on the FAQ page of this blog : you have to rescue your teammate or he will be an easy target (worth of points for some missions). This is a game about team work.

  7. byzantinecataphract says:

    Interesting, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

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