Thank You For Your Patience

But I’m going to impose a little longer.

I’ve dealt with a bunch of the DZ FAQ, though there is still more to go through. I was hoping to get all of it done (bar the answers that need time-consuming diagrams or videos). However, it’s all taking much longer than I’d like. As I said before, I don’t really want to put out a new FAQ now and then another in a couple of days as that’ll only confuse people. I do want it finished though.

To give you an idea of the task, I’ve got four different Word docs full of comments, questions and emails collected and sent to me from different sources, much of which is duplicates. There were also 520 comments left on the DZ FAQ thread here. Now many of them have either been answered already or are discussions around a topic, so there aren’t anything like that number of actual questions. Even so, with this amount of info to cross-check (never mind the several rulebooks, card decks, etc) you can see why it takes a while to get through.

To give you something interesting and DZ to read while I’m trawling through a little more of this, I’ll write up a core piece of the overwatch discussion for my next post. I’ll continue with the FAQ for the rest of today and post wherever I’ve got to when I stop this evening. This will give you a wodge of new things to read in time for any weekend games you may have planned 🙂

Apologies for the delay.

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4 Responses to Thank You For Your Patience

  1. Pikaraph says:

    If you need someone to read it before posting it, I have time to help you.

  2. Teemu Hemminki says:

    I thought that one job for the rules committee of Mantic was to help with the FAQ’s.
    Is one of those question compilations made by them or could you use them for reduce all of those documents and questions into one single document to be answered?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      We’re still working out the most effective way of them helping. They’re currently doing a lot of good work on the pre-release testing of stuff, balancing of teams and so on. Once things are live then it’s very helpful for me to read the whole discussion rather than a summary which invariably misses a lot of the nuance. And the nuance is where both issues and solutions usually lie.

      As I mentioned, I’ve got several “single documents” from different sources 🙂

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