November Is Safe

Those of you who read the Mantic blog will know that November has been declared safe, and that there is no longer a need for Containment Protocol until next year. In other words, no Deadzone for now.

As is the way with these things, nothing’s definite until it’s actually live, and the slot that Mantic were going to use for DZ is now going to be Kings of War instead, for a number of good reasons (explained in their blog). The DZ has not been forgotten though, merely postponed for a little while. We’re still quietly working on it in the background 🙂

However, for me it does mean one less Kickstarter to watch, and that’s a help. Speaking of Kickstarter, it seems to have been rather quiet of late. I’ve looked a few times recently and managed to refrain from backing anything. Mind you, I just checked and I’m currently waiting on the stuff from at least 9 different crowd funded projects (and if I hadn’t gone pure digital on others that number would be higher), so perhaps I should hold off for a while. I’m not complaining about this though. Things take the time they take, and I’m not short of other things to do. In fact, a couple of the things I’ve had delivered are sitting unused, just waiting the opportunity. Still, it’s a little sobering when you actually check the list…

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17 Responses to November Is Safe

  1. PikaRapH says:

    Don’t forget to feed the DZ FAQ though 😀

  2. Matt says:

    Does this mean the next KS is the Kings of War skirmish game? I’m ridiculously excited about that one!

  3. Teskal says:

    Could you check with Mantic if we can get a first version of the DBX and new DBO rules?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Yup. They’re in the works. As normal Mantic will be doing pdfs for backers. There’s no fixed date on this yet, but we’re talking weeks rather than months.

      • Teskal says:

        Main idea was that I think some backers would like to help to find typos before it is printed, if they get the chance.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I’ll mention it to the guys. Not sure where it all is in the process.

        • lord_blackfang says:

          That would be a good idea. Your typesetter isn’t the brightest bulb.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I think you may be underestimating the difficulty of getting this stuff 100% right.

          Even when I worked for GW, with the best editors I’ve known, typos would still sneak through. When you have large books it’s almost inevitable. Nor is it just games. Even without really looking, I routinely spot errors in many of the books, papers and websites I read, whether fiction or reference. I even once found a typo in the Oxford English Dictionary (now that was a surprise).

          More eyes checking stuff is always useful. However, you can never guarantee perfection 🙂

        • lord_blackfang says:

          I know. But Mantic printed materials are really bad. The record holder is still the 2002 Chaos Marine codex (The squad may be an Aspiring Champion at +13 pts) but DZ is pretty bad. One or two proofreaders could fix it but you gotta get people who haven’t seen the book before to proofread so they don’t automatically see what they already know should be there.

          Did you know ALL the Martian DZ cards say Mission Card on the back, and ALL Human cards say Battle Card? 😦

  4. lord_blackfang says:

    It’s good that you have one less thing to worry about for at least a while. I also agree that’s there’s thankfully no gaming must-haves on KS right now.

  5. PikaRapH says:

    This is time to mount and paint all the models we gathered for monthes (or years !).

  6. C says:

    What? You’re missing out on the RAFM Steampunk miniatures KS, and the Dark Sword Miniatures Stephanie Law Masterworks miniature KS!!! (: Get your DOOM RAY of DOOM and/or Too Many Cats miniatures! 🙂

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