DS Tile Thickness

Someone asked me about this the other day, so I thought I’d put up a pic.

The DS tiles are on board that’s a touch over 2mm thick – perhaps 2.25mm. Hard to be precise without precision callipers.

The board I was measuring was a sample from the factory that has been approved by Mantic (and then “liberated” by me for this).

This first pic shows it compared to the thickness of the tiles in the original DKH. It’s a bit tricky to see because the DKH board has a rounded edge (due to the cutter), whereas the sample board is square edged. The new board is a little under twice the thickness of the old.

Board 1The second picture is edge on, with a Mantic base and a GW slotta base sitting on top for comparison.

Board 2As you can see, the tiles are going to be nice and chunky 🙂

I don’t have a photo because they’re not made yet, but the tiles will be held together with transparent plastic H-shaped clips.


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4 Responses to DS Tile Thickness

  1. Skolo says:

    Nice. I think the best comparison you can do is just to have FFG tiles and compare it to yours. These are pretty much, imho, the best in the industry.

  2. Smud says:

    Thanks for sharing theses pictures. That’s seems to be the same thickness the cardboard pieces of Runewars or Legends of Andor provide. So overall a realy nice thickness :).

    Can you tell us anything new about the design? I guess the base game tiles will have the design shown on kickstarter, but what about the tiles in the expansion?
    Is the design ready for some pictures? 😉

  3. Willem-Jan (Hephesto) says:

    Looking good, my current ‘for funsies’ conversion based on plasticard with putty for cobblestone texture should fit in fine. Really looking forward to the game,really missed good, old dungeon crawling!

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