Meetings, Meetings Everywhere…

Yesterday I got waylaid by a meeting on a potential new project (very exciting, very hush-hush) – can’t tell you more till the deals are signed off in a couple of weeks. Today I’ve got a long morning meeting with a financial advisor, and tomorrow I’ve got a long afternoon meeting at Mantic. All needs to be done, but it does get in the way of playing with games as each eats quite a lot of time in prep as well as actually sitting and talking through stuff. Whoever is in charge of the mind-transfer research needs to be getting on with it much faster.

I’m going to put up all of the rest of the teams later today, once the meetings are out of the way. That will give you a bit longer to go through them than a daily team posting. It’ll also be the only way to include time to look at updates for the ones you’ve already seen. I already did a v2 for the Ada Lorana, which seemed to go down well. I’ll bring the others up to speed with v2s that incorporate the feedback you’ve given me already. Speaking of which, you all deserve a big vote of thanks. Some great stuff feedback so far, and the teams will be all the stronger for the process.

Thanks guys 🙂

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2 Responses to Meetings, Meetings Everywhere…

  1. wifstrand says:

    I’m very excited to playtest the new teams on Friday. I’m happy we get to critique your work, as I’m sure all players are interested in contributing to making their favorite sportsgame even more amazing!

    PS: I’m at work, so now would be a good time for some beta rules 😀

  2. Anxiously awaiting the last two teams!!

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