An Aside – Some Interesting Kickstarters

As Kickstarters are transitory, I don’t want to wait till the current DB flurry is done to mention these.

There are two KS projects that I’m currently backing which I thought might be of interest. I’ve got nothing to do with either apart from being a backer.

The first is Norsaga.


This looks like a fun little filler card game that might also be playable with spouses and non-geeks. Always useful to have more of those. Plus it’s inexpensive, and isn’t doubled by the shipping costs. All good. Have a look at the game play video on the KS page for a straightforward demo.

The second KS I currently like is a small set of miniatures called Colony 87.

Colony 87 pic 1They’re sculpted by Michael Anderson who I know from my days with Fanatic, when I was Game Producer for Necromunda. He made a couple of miniatures for me then (though I’m not sure they were ever released).

Anyway, I’d lost touch with him since Fanatic was purged from GW, and it’s nice to see him still working.Colony 87 pic 2

Very retro Necromunda/Rogue Trader in style, which should appeal to the Oldhammer crowd.

What do I want them for? No idea, really. I just thought they looked like a bit of fun. They actually make me think more of Laserburn and Traveller than Necromunda, but having had years of fun with both those games I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Colony 87 pic 3Who are these figures though? What do they represent? Who knows? The universe is a big place, and it’s easy to imagine another alien culture or two if you feel the need to justify them. I just rather like the idea of having more non-combatants. We’ve got any number of armoured human troopers to pick from, but too few good SF civilians.

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