Use The Force…

Given the recent Star Wars trailer, this all seems strangely appropriate 🙂

Edit: updated version here.

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  1. John McLeish says:

    So ‘push’ has no range limitation? Seems pretty good since it overcomes some of the weaknesses inherent to an all jack team. I like that its a 2 for 1 trade and it opens up a lot of options for the team. Probably one of the more reasonable (balance-wise) teams posted so far.

  2. skarfang says:

    Agreed. On paper this team appears to be balanced and fun to play, push doesn’t appear to be overpowered but is a definite aid to an all jack team. Can’t wait to try these out 👍

  3. Lee says:

    I’m so painting these guys as Jedi/Sith. 😛 And the potential when combined with certain MVPs is amazing. I could get to like this team…

  4. How about pushing the ball and ref as well?

    • Josh says:

      or at least the ball… even if random direction… just to add some flavor and variety … course I suppose that raises the issue of it scatters to your own Jack who then fails to catch it (no bonus dice, no coaching dice, no Safe Pair of Hands)… so as fun as that sounds, I guess i can see why it wouldn’t actually be a good thing.. and I suppose moving the ball itself any set # of hexes is probably getting a bit too against DGB policy =p

  5. Josh says:

    Interesting… Skill 4+.. can move themselves or others.. 8 models to replace the ones that get abused by bigger and angrier teams… not sure they are flashy enough as written compared to more recent teams… the big issue I see is they have very little defense ability.. Str 3+ Guards are going to be murdering these poor Jawa-Jedi-Tsudochan.. yeah they are 4+ dodge, but only jacks.. no bonuses.. and trying to get a landslide win early with only Jacks will be really tough even with a 4+ skill.. I was expecting more “can scatter the ball as an action” or “can Steal from 2 hexes away” or something like that in addition to moving players to represent their ‘telekinesis’…

  6. Don Squires says:

    Ok! Great ability for an all jack team. Could be deadly to “push” an opponents player into the ball launch. Then watch as it gets blasted by the launching ball.

  7. Very interesting twist to this one and quite a cool background story. Not having a range restriction on push could lead to some quite dynamic situation, which their relatively weak skills seem to balance out nicely. Definitely looking forward to seeing these mad monks on the pitch!

  8. Lee Wygant says:

    A bit of caution with star players with push. If my Marauders were to be presented with 2 opponents backsides every turn by a “pusher” MVP they would double their body count per game (oh, and possibly win a few more times too)

  9. theearthdragon says:

    huh. Somehow my comment didn’t take yesterday.

    So this makes 2 of 6 I like and feel are actually adding something to the game other then an increase to the power standard.

    Push is an interesting mechanic. Easily allows you move players out of the way of scoring hexes. The 2 cards make it easy to string together scores, in addition to the fact some other Tsudochan can “push” the player trying to make the score a couple spaces forward. This is one team you are gonna want to “pummel” off the field if you can as they are squishy enough to do it. Nameless will be their bane as they offer a passing game for the strikers and the opportunity to bash, but that is nothing new lol.

  10. Andrew Nolte says:

    This is just a random musing I had as soon as I read these rules. My mind immediately turned to the possibilities of a Tsudochan Guard. Rather than having improved Slamming abilities he would have an improved Push.

    • theearthdragon says:

      Unfortunately, the figures have been sculpted and the molds are done (I believe they’re done at least). But at any rate it’s too far down the production line to mess with the position make-up. Those are all locked in until 2.0 when teams might see a 2nd run or have individual metals/resins made.

  11. Seb says:

    So, I’ve tested with a friend two games with Tsudochan vs Corporation 1 (that’s for me a perfect team to see if all is well balanced).

    The “push” is a fun thing, but we think that it was too powerful to help tsudochan to score (push everyone in front of 4 points strike and merry x’mas!)
    So, we’ve got a simple idea to make a little change.

    In our second game, we use these rule for push :
    “A player with this ability is able to move other players without touching them.
    When a player with this ability takes any action other than Sprint, they may use some or all of their own movement to pay to move other non-­‐GIANT players from either team. Each hex another player is moved costs 2 movement from the player with Push.

    When a player try to push an another player, he got to make a Push test.
    Push is a Skill test (1) using a number of dice that depends on the distance between him and his target.
    1-3 hexes = 3 dice
    4-6 hexes = 2 dice
    7-9 hexes = 1 dice
    The maximum distance a player can Push a player is 9 hexes.
    This test is modified by :
    *+1 if the player is a Tsudochan
    * -1 if the player moved or turned during the Push action.
    *-1 per opposing player threatening the hex you are in (maximum of -2).

    Push fails: the target player doesn’t move at all.
    Push succeeds: The target player is pushed into one of the 6 adjacent hexes of the choice of the pushing player. The target player is turned to face directly at the hex is just vacated.
    Push doubles: The target player is pushed into one of the 6 adjacent hexes of the choice of the pushing player. The pushing player may choose the direction of facing of the pushed player.

    A player can only Dash to move themselves into new hexes, not to increase the distance they can move other players.
    Players that are moved by Push do not need to make Evade tests.”

    It was really playable and fun. Not too much powerful, but still efficient.
    The Tsudochan still can make two push in the same Action (with the “cost” of 2 of his Move).

    What do you think ?

    We haven’t use this on a ball on the floor, but I think that’s a good idea! ^_^

    • Lubomirvaic says:

      I think this just adds far too much complexity with another chart or set of guidelines. I do think they need to clarify that you need line of sight though!!

  12. Don Squires says:

    See, I think these guys are just fine. Maybe in playtest they won’t be. I don’t plan on testing these guys, because I think they’re fine. However, if I time I will. I will say this, let’s try to test them, and all the other beta teams, as they are written, before we test them with our own modifications.

  13. Vermonter says:

    I’m mildly disappointed that the Tsudochan can’t use their telekinetic powers more aggressively – hurling crates across the field at players, for example, or just telekinetically grabbing and slamming players. Guess I was hoping for a bit more “force unleashed.”

    • theearthdragon says:

      Interesting thought. Might be something to explore where you could slam someone up to 4 spaces away in the same manner you would if you were standing by them. difference is you wouldn’t have to worry if the slam went poorly.

  14. Seb says:

    After some games with Tsudochan, I can say that I was totally wrong. Tsudochan don’t need to change, they’re working and give fun.
    My personnal rules give too much dice rolls and slow down the game. No interrest.

    • Chris says:

      Totally agree, Seb!! When I first looked at the team, I wasn’t very impressed actually, but then I played them today against the Brokkrs and was really liking the team. My opponent did kill two players (thankfully they have 8). They won’t make too many teams scared to get injured, but they can move the ball well and can clear paths for their teammates. Kinda bummed I didn’t pick these guys as one of my teams now.

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