Tsudochan v2

A v2 of the Tsudochan. No changes to their rules or stats, just an extra paragraph at the end to clarify that they cannot move either the ball or the Ref.

Tsudochan v2

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15 Responses to Tsudochan v2

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  2. The Enforcer says:

    That meas they can Push fans?

  3. Atredes says:

    Will this mean in Xtreme they can push the boxes? I know already thinking how deadly it would be to push someone into a box, but if you can push a box into a group (like hobgoblins who like to gang up together).

    Love all these new teams. Thank you.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      They can’t push boxes at present. As they can push players, I don’t think they need to. Whilst your right that it would be a slightly different tactic, and I can see it might be fun, I’d be a bit concerned about the exploits you could do. I can also see that any strike zone would quickly fill up with obstacles, and it might get pretty old pretty quick for their opponents.

  4. Pope says:

    When I was play testing them this evening, I would have happily traded a card for a Coaching Dice. With an all Jack team, getting the momentum started with a decent chance to score a few points would have helped a lot. Other than that, I thought they were great. Playing them in DB is almost like paying a completely different game.

    • Pope says:

      …playing, not paying.

      And Jake, thank you for letting us try these teams out and give some input.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        And thank you for helping improve them 🙂

        One of the reasons for not giving them a dice is that it encourages them to play (and their Coach to think) in a different way.

        • 4rmless says:

          I think it makes a lot of sense, Dice are most effective when used with good stats and cards are most consistently effective in teams with good Jacks, this team have good jacks and can use the card to power up their ability, the dice would be ok sometimes, but the card ties in better with their thing.

  5. Don Squires says:

    So if I use one player to push another onto the ball, the pushed player has to try to pick it up. What happens if he does so with a free action. Is the pushing players action suspended until the free action resolves?

  6. Lamanzer says:

    Hello Jake. 🙂
    I have played 8 games with (or against) Tsudochan and I can say it’s definitly one of the worst team of the game. 😦
    Why? Durability and incapacity to deal with opponent ball carrier.
    Durability: It’s so easy to injure nearly all the Tsudochan players (even with standard corporation team, don’t need an ovepowered Convicts team :p) 3 dices 4+ to dodge on all players..ughh, painfull.
    Incapacity to deal with ball carrier: Even a Human Striker holding the ball is a nightmare for this team: to counter 4 Dices 4+ Dodge, even 3 actions don’t give 50% to scatter the ball on a steal (1 action to assist, 1 action to move near the ball carrer, 1 action to steal: 3dices for both side :()
    To help them, I have thought about two things: Give them “Duck & Weave” to improve durability. (Help to survive, not to evade better) and add to the rule “Push”: – if you push the opponent ball carrier, roll a 3 Dices Strenght test (1) – if succeed, the ball scatters.

    I think it could be a great change for this team. 🙂

    • Lamanzer says:

      Juste a change:
      Add to the rule “Push”: – if you push the opponent ball carrier, roll a 3 Dices Strenght test (1) – if succeed, the ball scatters. If not, your action ends.

      Not test yet… I have not the time to test at the moment. 😦

  7. Mats says:

    How does the push ability works in dbx? When I push another player does he get an evade for eash attempt ? Does push have unlimited range ?

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