I’m not very well 😦

A 4am start for Salute, plus very little sleep the night after helped me do a convincing zombie impersonation yesterday and not much else. I was coming down with something before all the excitement of Salute, so maybe I should have seen it coming. Mind you, I generally just work though these things, so I wasn’t expecting to be quite so floored. That’s sleep deprivation for you.

All of which explains why I didn’t get the team updates done yesterday as I’d planned. Working on them now…

If you’re interested in Salute I’m sure you’ve read some of the many reports by now, so I won’t go on about that. At least, I won’t till I show you the stuff I got…

Teams first though 🙂

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4 Responses to Plaguebearer

  1. Ben says:

    I was hobbling around yesterday after my Salute exertions. I tried to catch you at the Mantic stand but managed to miss your appearance there.

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