Don’t Tell Anyone

Seems I’m up to my ears in secret projects at the moment.

For example, I spent yesterday in a very enjoyable meeting (which for me often includes playing games) with the owner of a company you’ll all know, about a game which isn’t yet public. That’s one of several projects I’m working on that dare not speak their names out loud, at least not yet. The contrast between now and the later stage (when everyone on the planet will need to be personally buttonholed and indoctrinated into the life-saving wonderfulness of the product) always makes me smile.

Apparently these particular beans are going to be spilled at Essen Spiel, in about a month, so that’s not too long to wait. Some of the other ones will have to wait till next year… maybe… or perhaps even later. A few will doubtless never make it to the public eye at all, and they’re even odder.

Sometimes this makes me feel really detached from the world of Facebook and forums I watch roll by. I know it’s the same for other writers and designers. By the time something you’ve worked on it in the hands of the people it was made for, you’ve almost forgotten what it was all about.

I wonder if this is the way spies feel, carefully guarding all manner of things that supposedly must be secret, but which really want to be out there in the world.

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20 Responses to Don’t Tell Anyone

  1. Jon says:

    Does that mean the Fantasy version of Deadzone is approaching? say early next yr…please!

  2. My guess back then and remains unchanged is the Mad Max ip turned into a game. I reckon customizable vehicles are doable as evidenced by the Mars Attacks trucks and the images we are seeing for Warpath. I maybe very wide of the mark but I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Nathan says:

    Hiya jake i’m looking forward to the 6mm stuff. Keep looing at Epic. Hope its got what i want in s mass battle game. Cheers.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Hey Nate. I think their rules are available as a free download, so you might want to explore their site a bit.

      What exactly is it you want in a mass battle game?

      • Nathan says:

        Lots of troops tanks.. walkers. A few flyers. I like 15mm sci fi. But always wanted to play epic. I’m a huge 28mm fan. But have enough on my plate with 28mm. Dont like any 28mm sci fi out there at the mo jake. So maybe this is good for me. Plus side quick to paint up.
        Cheers 🙂

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Should be much quicker to paint up – not that you’re slow.

          In the realms of 28mm stuff, Gates of Antares is about to go live, and Mantic’s Warpath Kickstarter is due in a couple of weeks. I’ve been working on something of my own too, so plenty going on there 🙂

  4. Sam says:

    I think I’ll be pretty disappointed if it’s 6mm of Kings of War or something. I’d be far more excited for a fantasy version of DZ or DB, or even setting entirely new! Perhaps a campaign map game like Might Empires was to Warhammer

  5. braxandur says:

    Looking forward to seeing “the beans getting spilled” at spiel. Will you be there as well to tell something about the beans?

  6. mattadlard says:

    If we’re all going for a punt on ideas, one is going with Captain scarlet game, no reason just punting an idea.

  7. Martin Costello says:

    So nothing was revealed at Essen?

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