Home Again, Home Again…

Back at base again.

Predictably, things didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped while I was away. My email provider decided that I was accessing things from somewhere different from usual (which I was) and as a security measure decided to stop me. Unfortunately, the email telling me that this was what was going on was sent to the email account that was locked…

Now I’m back at my normal location all is fine in the digital world again, though there is something of a backlog to trawl through.

Physically getting back home involved a long delay on the train as we hit someone. Now I know what a body sounds like when a train runs over it. That does put into perspective the problems I had with email.

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6 Responses to Home Again, Home Again…

  1. ezeqiel says:

    “Ah, Mr Thornton, we’ve been expecting you…”

    Welcome back, hope the Wedding went well and sorry for the troubles with the train, experiencing something like that puts alot of things into perspective.

  2. ezeqiel says:

    Hi Jake – this is a random question that doesn’t belong in the FAQ or anywhere else really but has been nagging the life out of me.
    At any stage during the development of advanced rules & downtime for Dungeon Saga did you consider or include in a blog post about restricting the number of characters who could level up between missions.
    e.g. of the four heroes, only 3 are permitted to obtain advancement during downtime, adding a further “difficult decision” on who would forgo their chance to upgrade this time round
    Possibly adding to the semi co-op idea where the poorest performer of the group didn’t earn enough loot to gain any advantages.

    The idea that I heard this as part of some design discussion for DS has been swimming around in my head and I’ve heard it mentioned by 1 or 2 others in different places in connection to DS, but it always feels like a rumour no-one is really sure they had heard.
    This is my first trip in RPG-lite territory so can’t think of any other game that I would be following that would have the need for levelling/downtime let alone discuss restrictions to it.

    Does it ring a bell with you at all (even if discarded at an early stage and obvisously not part of the final rule set)?

    ***NOTE: this idea does tie slightly into the Adventure/Level Total table on page 12 of the Adv Companion where it lists that custom Heroes being used to play the base game missions cannot have 4x level 1 Heroes for Adventure 2, forcing one of the party to not Level Up following Adventure 1.

    Cheers for any feedback – it’s a random one I know!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      There is a threshold for advancement during downtime as it stands – you’ve got to collect enough experience. So after the first couple of adventures a group is likely to start falling out of step for advancements.

      I vaguely recall the idea of imposing an artificial limit on advancements to spark discussion between players (and their consideration of what’s best for the group as a whole). That feels like something I’d come up with on the spur of the moment and drop fairly quickly as not appropriate for this game. Maybe I mentioned it at a seminar or something. Sometimes I do think out loud at these things 🙂

      To be honest though, I spend all day thinking of this kind of alternative, so I don’t track everything.

  3. ezeqiel says:

    cheers for the response – I can’t see it recorded/written anywhere so maybe it was mentioned at a seminar or on a online chat. At least it means I’m not totally imagining things!

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