While I Was Out…

aot_facebook_placeholder…a whole bunch of stuff happened. As you’d expect.

One item of note was that the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter went live, and I’m happy to see that it’s already funded with a fortnight left to run. Just a case of seeing what goodies get added to the core set now 🙂

I’ve got a couple of the early test shots of the models that I can show you when I dig them out of the piles of boxes which turned up yesterday in the office. They must be in there somewhere. You’ll probably have seen renders and other people’s pics already (on the official website, for example), but it never hurts to show some more angles. They have done a very nice job of getting the models to look like the renders, and keep the fine detail.

Anyway, I’ll come back to this again when I’ve got more to say. Just thought I’d bring up the topic of big games with little tanks again 🙂


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4 Responses to While I Was Out…

  1. Makary says:

    Well i hope to see Dungeon Saga faq one day. Not a year later like for Deadzone. Its a crap that people who was inwolved in game refuse to produce clear rules for it. But i think its a Mantic thing.

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