And Another One

And Demented have finally set a date (for their Kickstarter) 🙂

12672062_1069317679767094_2149730122325890609_o.jpgI’ve been working with these guys for a while, though only on a rules front. They need zero help from me on the miniatures end of things. Their work is amazing!

It’s been an interesting experiment for me, as I’ve not been writing the rules, but critiquing and reviewing them instead, offering suggestions and options for improvement. Mentoring, if you like. It seems to have been quite a successful process, and I’ll be offering that service more widely later this year.

But back to Twisted

The chaps are really keen to make their game as much fun as the crazy background demands. It still has all the normal moving and fighting stuff you might expect of a skirmish game, but it can all get a bit… well… Twisted when The Engine intervenes. And when does The Engine intervene, I hear you ask. Well that’s a big like the old one about the gorilla with a machine gun. What does it do? Whatever it likes.

I think there’s a bit more tweaking of the game left to do to really finesse it, and the KS will have some beta rules for you to try out so you can join in the process. It would be great to hear what you think. Personally, I think that Twisted has a really nice atmosphere about it, and tells a fun story, which for me is an important part of a game. The fact that the miniatures are so good is just a cherry on top 🙂


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