UniCast vs Blood Rage

Following on from a comment by John Charles on yesterday’s post, I said I’d show you some comparison pictures of the UniCast stuff next to Blood Rage models.

The fairest comparison would be one where I’d sprayed both sets of models the same colour because colour and surface quality can make a big difference to the apparent level of detail on a model. However, work deadlines beckon, so that’s not going to happen right now. Hopefully the following will do for the moment.

If it helps, to my eye, with the models in front of me, it looks like the UniCast have a slight edge in terms of sharpness. Both sets are very nicely done though.

Oh, one final thing: the Blood Rage models do seem to vary a bit in sharpness. This first picture shows that. The difference looks greater in real life. I’ve chosen what looked like the sharpest of the BR models for the comparisons, and tried to balance them so that they were equidistant from the camera. As usual, these photos are mostly way bigger than real life.

UniCast v Blood Rage 01

UniCast v Blood Rage 02

UniCast v Blood Rage 03

UniCast v Blood Rage 04

UniCast v Blood Rage 07

UniCast v Blood Rage 06

UniCast v Blood Rage 05

So there you have it. What do you think?

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4 Responses to UniCast vs Blood Rage

  1. Jon Charles says:

    Thanks Jake! Helps to have a reference I know well. Definitely better detail on the Prodos model and of course all the crazy undercuts. With the relatively low costs of Unicast there are interesting times ahead.

    Do you think this at some point could lead to a company coming in to buy at least the manufacturing aide of Prodos? Cool Mini or Not have not long ago had a big injection of investment and of course they don’t just do boardgames.

  2. Peter Cruickshanks says:

    Most definitely better apparent detail on the Unicast stuff, better than any regular plastic I’ve ever seen. I do want to see them up close myself though, but I guess that will have to wait until Unicast is used on something I want 😛

  3. Unicast looks quite superior.

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