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Played Nina & Pinta last night

I’ll be doing a full review of this once I’ve played a couple more games (I like my reviews to be based on at least 3 plays). However, I just thought I’d post my first impressions of this new game while … Continue reading

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UniCast LOADed

Having got my hands on some of the production (I think) models for the LOAD Kickstarter, I thought I’d put up some more pics of UniCast in action before it finished. LOAD is a full game using UniCast to make … Continue reading

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UniCast Tease

I don’t have my camera on me today, but I’ve just had another bunch of UniCast samples for the new LOAD game. They are even better than the previous lot. It’s weird that my brain is getting used to UniCast’s impossible … Continue reading

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UniCast vs Blood Rage

Following on from a comment by John Charles on yesterday’s post, I said I’d show you some comparison pictures of the UniCast stuff next to Blood Rage models. The fairest comparison would be one where I’d sprayed both sets of models the same colour … Continue reading

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UniCast Up Close

Today is mostly about the pictures. In this article I want to focus on the technical aspect of Prodos’ new UniCast process/material, as shown in the final product, rather than the aesthetic of the models. Of course, whether you want to buy any … Continue reading

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Gates of Antares Concord Plastics Review

The opponent for the Ghar battle squad in the Gates of Antares starter box are the Concord infantry. I can’t find a good close up of the painted plastic squad on its own, so here’s the whole set’s contents shot. The Concord are … Continue reading

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Gates of Antares Ghar Battle Squad Plastics Review

One of the things I did at the Derby show last weekend was snaffle a couple of the new Gates of Antares plastic sprues – one each of the Concord and the Ghar. These are late pre-production shots as far as … Continue reading

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