Slight Technical Issues


Been having some tech foolishness this week (broken screen, weird pop-ups, corrupt browser script – maybe), which has delayed a few things. One of those is the FAQ on DS LOS which I now hope to start publishing in bits at the start of next week. The plan is to cover a few things in small articles, and ask you guys for your thoughts before I add them to the FAQ proper. It’s been a long time since I was properly immersed in the DS rules, and the final version is never exactly what I remember from a year earlier anyway (for all sorts of reasons). So there’s a not infinitesimal possibility that I may have missed something.

Anyway, so that’s starting properly next week.

We’ve also got the DZ2 FAQ which is currently bouncing between the Rules Committee and myself. That’s coming together and should be live fairly soon.

And then there’s the UK Games Expo in a fortnight.Yikes! That’s snuck up really fast. Lots to prep for that. It’s the first time it’s been in the NEC, and that’s a huge aircraft hangar of a place. I hope it manages to keep the lovely atmosphere it’s had in previous years which is (I think) a large part of why it’s been so successful.

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9 Responses to Slight Technical Issues

  1. mbss says:

    If you mess it up, I will let you know.

  2. Firing three rounds into your computer screen is no way to fix corrupted browser script mate, even I know that!;)

  3. Pikaraph says:

    A computer under Windows 8 ^^
    it deserves death !

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