Skirmish Plans

l’ve been working on a 5-year plan of late. It’s an enlightening change of hat to ponder stuff in this temporal scale, when most projects last a far shorter time, and the daily grind is, of course, daily. Most of it involves clients and their accompanying NDAs, so I can’t talk details. There are, however, some really fun board game projects in the offing, and which you will see in due course.

In among the client-related stuff I’ve been planning some of my own projects, the first of which will see the light this year. This is the Old Skool Skirmish game I mentioned earlier. Having pondered my options, I’ve decided to use it as an experiment in self publishing, POD and the like. It’s also a useful test bed to practice some of my rusty layout and art skills on – all of which I will need less rusty for some of the following work.

Plus it’s fun to do 🙂

I’ve not set myself a rigid deadline on this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m waiting to hear back from a client about whethe they want  particular job done or not. Secondly, I’ve not yet entirely decided on how much I want to include in the book. On the one hand, if I’m being accurate to the period, then I should probably be broad and vague in many areas. On the other hand, that wasn’t always the case, just commonplace, so I could aim to emulate the other end of the spectrum instead. In the end I’ll just do what I think works best as a game overall. The nostalgia side of things is there as a guide and an amusement rather than a strait jacket.

Naturally I’ll be posting more as I get closer. For the moment just know that it’s in the offing, and that the first wave of testing copies are being sent out in a fortnight. So it’s coming along 🙂

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4 Responses to Skirmish Plans

  1. Philip says:

    If they don’t buy then sell. I don’t know what your are contemplating but keep in mind the figures available or perhaps figures which might come available if the game was produced (Irish Civil War comes to mind, 1916, black & tan, ). Good luck with the adventurer.

  2. edenchanges says:

    Jake – myself and my two sons are happy to volunteer our game time to play test if you need further testers … our ages range from 12 to 45 so you’d get feedback from a fairly broad demographic!

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