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I’m not a regular watcher of particular channels, or a regular reader of specific blogs. Having said that, there are some I return to again and again.

One YouTube channel I like is Tabletop Minions, and in case you don’t know them I thought it was worth sharing this recent post.

As is often the case, Atom Smasher says some sensible things and puts it across well. He’s good at that. I said similar things in print with one of my articles for Ravage, and it’s a topic which comes up regularly among gamers I know.

One thing he didn’t discuss much was the difficulty this cleaning involves. I think that one of the hardest parts of the process is when you actually start going through the old, dusty boxes, physically handling this stuff of ancient dreams. By and large you will have had a grand plan for the models when you bought them. Gamers are good at grand plans. When you start rummaging you’ve probably forgotten most of these incredible strokes of genius, but as soon as you pick the box up, and look at what you’ve found, your planned masterworks come flooding back, fresh as the day you first imagined them. Occasionally events will have overtaken them, and the original plan has either been superseded or you have changed in what you wish to do. Mostly not. Mostly digging out the model just reminds you how good an idea it was, and suddenly the clearing out which looked so easy as an abstract idea seems like giving away your firstborn.

Grit your teeth, my brothers and sisters. You can do it!

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5 Responses to What He Said

  1. Teemu Hemminki says:

    Would be easier if didn’t have regrets of my every experience about selling or giving away my models.

    On the other hand, last spring I took a good look at my WHFB models that had been sitting in my closet untouched and painted for years. Decided that I either do something with them now or sell them away.

    Found myself painting High Elves, goblins and some odd figures and getting many many more models into my collection. Played much more fantasy mass battles that year and even had a small Path to Glory campaign with friends (although it was never finished).

    Ultimatums seem to be good motivation drivers.

  2. Josh says:

    Lol.. love that “I went into my closet to clean it out and ended up starting a new campaign”… I must say that overall I’m glad for all the “clean outs’ that I have done… I luckily am in a position where if I want to start a new game, I don’t feel bad picking up a new game or models, and the if they end up not being the game I end up playing, I am okay selling them and trying the next “new game” that is at the LGS…

    Kickstarters have contributed to a lot of “extra” models in my closets, but so have just been a RPG player where every “cool model” might some day find its way to the tabletop…

    the biggest issue I have right now is the really “old” games don’t necessarily have a market.. I have a bunch of Void models (by i-kore) that are great models… but there really isn’t a market I can find for them.. they aren’t quite big enough to be GW or 28-30 mm stand ins.. and as much as love the figures, nothing I am playing uses them.. so “getting rid of them” either means actually throwing them away (a heresy if ever there was one) or trying to find someone who needs armies worth of OOP 25 mm sci-fi figures that are all painted… so sometimes some of these figures just stay boxed up because there isn’t a place to easily find them a new home …

    I had a discussion with a buddy who is in a similar situation where he was saying “yes, but boardgames are great as you can store them easily and they don’t take up much space”.. of course, the boardgames I like (Zombicide, Super Dungeon Explore) actually take up a lot of room and do benefit from being painted… so yeah… not the solution that collection Risk, Scrabble, Monopoly, and Backgammon is..

    • Quirkworthy says:

      You might just be in luck 🙂

      The Old Skool Skirmish thing I keep mentioning as a project, is designed to work with any SF figures you have that you like. And, being a trip down memory lane, is kind of designed with the Void sort of vintage thing in mind.

      Once UKGE and the DS FAQ is out of the way I should have quite a lot more to say about this 🙂

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