UniCast Tease

I don’t have my camera on me today, but I’ve just had another bunch of UniCast samples for the new LOAD game. They are even better than the previous lot.

It’s weird that my brain is getting used to UniCast’s impossible models so quickly.

In a splendid case of bad timing, I’ve got UKGE stuff to sort out over the next couple of days, and then the event itself over the weekend, so it will be first thing next week before I can do you a big photo spread. It’ll happen before the KS campaign ends though, as I think it’s only fair to show what they can do in case you felt like backing.

I also thought that it might be worth mentioning (as someone asked) that I’ve got no vested interest in Prodos, LOAD, or anything else to do with this stuff. Just got some cool toys and an intriguing process to talk about 🙂

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