It’s Alive!

Turns out all I needed was a dark castle, lots of lightning, and a crowd of peasants with pitchforks and fiery brands. Just apply the electrodes, and Voila! It’s alive! By which I mean, the Game Design Mastery Patreon is up and running. Huzzah!

GDM Patreon

I’d always planned to go live in the late evening to avoid double-charging people. In the end it crept just over midnight as I ran into a load of Discord stuff I didn’t understand. I’d not used it before and whilst it’s pretty simple when you’ve unravelled it, there are loads of things to set behind the scenes and their explanation of terms is abysmal. They clearly missed the first lesson of 101 How To Explain Stuff: always define your terms before you start. Not just true in rulebooks.


In the end I think it’s all linked up as it should be, which is cool. There’s a few more bits and bobs to explore on the back end as there are quite a lot of options in Patreon for linking other software. Other than that, there’s content to write! Always more of that.

If you’re interested in the idea of the Game Design Mastery project, I wrote a longer explanation of what it entails here, or you can pop straight over to the Patreon. I think it came out looking quite attractive in the end.

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