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How is Gaming Weathering the Storm?

When I worked for Games Workshop, the bosses used to say that the toy and game industry was especially robust when it came to surviving recessions; last in, first out. So what about pandemics? With most bricks and mortar game … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!

Turns out all I needed was a dark castle, lots of lightning, and a crowd of peasants with pitchforks and fiery brands. Just apply the electrodes, and Voila! It’s alive! By which I mean, the Game Design Mastery Patreon is … Continue reading

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Game Design Mastery

Every art contains a related craft. Music is underpinned by an understanding of notation and structure as well as traditions, styles, and the ability to make the noises you desire come out of the instrument you choose. Cooking is more … Continue reading

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A New Gaming Magazine Coming Soon

The folks who do Figure Painter magazine are branching out into gaming with their upcoming title Initiative Magazine. I rather like Figure Painter (even when I’m not daubing myself), and have found a number of great models and companies in there … Continue reading

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