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I Thought You Were…

…yeah, I was. Then reality intervened and I’ve been working on Season 2 stuff for DreadBall instead. I’ve got half the article about Jacks written and I’ll finish that off as soon as I can. Lots going on at the … Continue reading

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Eternal Battle Design Notes – Overall Structure

The name of the new skirmish game is Eternal Battle. This will be broken down into a number of separate books that fall into three types. At its heart is the Core Rules. These are the same for every period. … Continue reading

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Quirkworthy Products – First Wave

Following on from yesterday’s post about publishing some stuff myself, I said I’d talk in a bit more detail about the first wave of products. It’s been hard to keep myself from going a bit crazy with the freedom to … Continue reading

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So What Next?

Well DreadBall is rolling along nicely and all my other freelance work is under control. So what next? I’ve mentioned self-publishing once or twice in passing, and this is something I’ve been considering for a long while. Now I’m all … Continue reading

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