Mythic Battles Beta v2.2

The next step, version 2.2.


As always, please make your comments on the MBP forums.

Many thanks 🙂

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Mythic Battles Beta v2.1

The next step on from yesterday’s version 🙂


Please comment on the MBP forums.

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Mythic Battles Beta v2.0

I’m uploading this here as I know it works, and you won’t need to register or log into anything to read it 🙂

To see the full message that goes with this, please go the MBP forum.


Note that I have disabled comments here. Please comment on the MBP forum thread.



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The Voice of Olympus

Well I’ve survived the first day, and the Mythic Battles: Pantheon KS is off to a very nice start. Over 3,100 backers have unlocked lots of goodies (and several KS Exclusives) already. I have the feeling that this is going to be a very good deal for your $99 by the time it finishes.

It’s interesting doing this Voice of Olympus role, rather than my normal game design job. A change, as they say, is as good as a rest. Not sure that works with 4 hours’ sleep though. Even so…

But I haven’t said what I’m doing. Well it’s a sort of community manager role, dealing with comments and questions as they arise, and writing the updates as needed. It’s just that Voice of Olympus sounds more interesting than community manager 🙂


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Some Classical (Greek) Carnage

Had a couple of 2-player games of Mythic Battles recently. I’m writing up the first one to stick on BGG as there’s not much on there at the moment. Hardly surprising as it’s not even been on the KS yet. That’s tonight 🙂

I only took one picture of the second fight as it was a bit more scrappy and technical, both of us seeming to have more difficulty coordinating our varied forces. On my side, that was at least partly caused by my initial choices. Instead of trying to pick a coherent force (which I would normally strongly recommend) I chose a selection of units that I haven’t used much, to see how they worked. The problem I had was that even though they went well individually, they never really gelled as a team, so I never had a very coherent plan. My fault entirely.

mb-fight-2I made a few errors, and then Ben made a couple, but he was a turn ahead of me in the killing stakes, and what had started out as a game either of us might win with Omphalos collecting turned into a race to strike the mortal blow.

This dice roll was the coup de grace on Hades, winning the game for Ben. The roll is a flukey one, but even without it Ben had a second activation to finish him off, so it looked like curtains for the Lord of the Underworld even on a fairly poor roll. Of course, if he’d fluffed all his attacks on both activations, I would probably have taken the last couple of wounds off Zeus, so it as actually very close.

That’s my story, anyway 😉

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On YouTube

A few weeks ago I was in France with the Mythic guys, and we went down to TricTrac in Orléans to film some videos for the Kickstarter. The first of these have gone up on the Mythic Battles YouTube page today, and I thought you might be interested.

The videos start from scratch, explaining the game rules and running through a whole (2 vs 2 player) game. It’s quite long as there’s a lot of explanation and tactical discussion on top of a normal 1 hour game time. However, if you want to know more about the game, it’s a very good start.

If you’ve got any questions, pop them in the comments below.


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I’ve been silent of late. Lots has been happening, some of it good, some bad. On the whole I think that it’s better not to say anything than to start ranting and railing, so I’ve kept my counsel. Still, as Grzegorz reminded me this morning, you guys deserve to know a bit more about what’s going on. So, here’s a quick round-up of what’s happening here.

As always, there’s a bunch of things rumbling around in the background. Something like 6 possible board game projects, among other things. We’ll see how many of those pan out. More on them as they bubble up to the surface.

The rest falls into 3 main categories. Starting with the simplest…



This competition is now closed.


Mantic Stuff

I am currently in dispute with Mantic 😩

I don’t want to discuss details which is why I’ve not mentioned anything publicly till now. I had hoped to have it sorted months ago. Unfortunately, it’s taking a very long time, and until this is resolved I’m not going to be doing any more work for them on any project, new or old.

My apologies to those of you who feel caught in this crossfire. I’d rather not be here either.


Mythic Battles

On a much happier note, you may have seen me with the Mythic Battles/Monolith guys in some of the reports on the recent Essen Spiel. If you didn’t, then here’s a random picture of me playing Mythic Battles: Pantheon on a fancy 3D demo board, with some Conan stuff in the background.

Jake playing MB.jpgEssen was an experience, and no mistake. The Spiel is vast, and sprawls over 4 public days, plus a day for professionals, and more of set-up. Something of a marathon. All good fun though, and their upcoming game (Mythic Battles: Pantheon) was very well received by both public and professionals, which always makes things easier. It goes live on Kickstarter on the 1st of Nov.

This project is a bit of a departure for me as my initial work for them is more like being back as a magazine editor than as a game designer. Fun though. A sort of blast-from-the past.

I’ll explain more over the next few days. For now, just let me point you at their Facebook page, and tell you that I should now be addressed as the Voice of Olympus 🙂


Other Stuff

Naturally, I’ve got more on my mind than this. For example, some jolly-looking Kickstarters I’m pledging for, plus the sadly lost opportunity of Lost Patrol. I’ll have to come back to them.

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