New Toys and Some Notes

Got a nice package from Forge World this morning. It was quicker than expected as I’d only ordered it on saturday and was told that the staff were mostly at the Games Day in Australia, so that’s good 🙂

Other than that, just a quick post to say that I’ve not been able to organise a Dreadfleet scrap till saturday, but that we should be able to go through a few battles then. Just what it needs: a proper thrashing. Once that’s done I can tell you what I think of it with all the ships on the high seas at once, and the game in full effect. That review should be up on saturday or sunday depending on how long it gets.

Also, a warning that I’m going to be gradually shuffling things about. The way I was intending to do reviews hasn’t turned out to be what I’ve done. The ones I’ve written (posted or otherwise) are generally very long, so I’m going to reorganise things round here to accommodate that. Instead of posting separate articles as I’d planned, I’ll post them all as blog entries and then have index pages that let you find them easier once they’ve fallen off the front page. Tags are OK, but don’t allow me to comment on the relative value of posts. I would like Quirkworthy to be usable as a reference and resource for gamers as it builds up, and don’t see why old content should die (as old blog posts tend to). That was why I was doing separate articles, but I think this new approach will work better.

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8 Responses to New Toys and Some Notes

  1. Minitrol says:

    If you’re up to it, why not do it twice ; )

    Post in your stream of consciousness fashion and then later, after the comments have come in, filter the best responses and your insights gained and shoe horn them in then drop it to the articles section.

    Or is that what you are doing and I missed the point; bear with me I have a newborn ATM?

    Not giving much away with that box are you!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      It’s an option, and I did consider it. However, I quite like the back and forth of the raw discussion, and if I just cut all of it out and then assimilate it, Borg style, into my own piece it would seem rather rude (to me): just nicking everyone’s best ideas. I also think that it would be less likely to spark off intriguing avenues to debate as I would have filtered it into my own way of thinking, and it’s the variety and the other viewpoints that teach me new things and occasionally make me reassess my ideas, which is both intellectually stimulating and healthy.

      I appreciate that it can make for a lot of reading if you come at an old post fresh, but then the world is full of internet sites with tiny posts and “in-depth” reviews that I can read while the kettle boils. Quirkworthy is not intended to be a slick and corporate site with careful sound-bites for the back of the second edition. I’m interested in games and gaming in a broad sense; how they play, how they are made, what makes one good and another not; why one succeeds and another fails, and so on. I’d like to be able to have a grown up discussion about all this as well as being able to froth over the latest Pirate ships 😉

      So my plan was to leave the debates as they stand, but to do some index pages so that I can group things appropriately, and can write a one-line comment (if needed) to guide the reader to the most appropriate post. Some posts, like those on Dreadfleet, sort of follow a progression already. I guarantee that I will not always be that organised. Being able to do such an index page will allow me to organise things after the fact, and is has the additional delight of helping me spot where I could usefully add to a topic.

      And no, I’m not giving much away. I’m being a deliberate tease 🙂

  2. pancake says:

    sorry i could’nt make the weekend mate hope the game turns out to be a cracker with all 10 ships.

  3. Elromanozo says:

    Can we see what you got from Forgeworld ? I’d like to see your vision of an unbowing, actually !

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Unboxing? Sure, but it’s got to wait in line. I seem to have a whole load of stuff that needs writing up and reviewing at the moment, though I am not complaining. It’s a nice situation to be in. The FW things open a whole different can of worms, but in a nice way (nice worms).

      And not Nurgle, before you ask.

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