Tribes Of Legend – Update

Well the time must be getting nearer as I’ve finally seen a printed copy of Tribes of Legend. The bulk of the run are still on the Slow Boat From China, but Hermes brought a copy by air for me to look at. Just a single copy, mind you, and I’ll need to let him have it back. We’ll need it at next week’s Open Day when I’m running Tribes of Legend on Saturday. All the gaming slots are full, I’m afraid, but if you fancy coming along and having a chat it’s always possible we’ll be able to get some more games going. It’s fast and brutal and I’m sure we can fit an extra rumble or two in if we try 🙂

Looking at the book in its finished form, it’s interesting to see all the extra stuff that’s been added around the 3 sets of rules I wrote. Martin Buck has done some background sections on who’s who in the world of Greek Heroes and Gods; Kevin Dallimore and Jez Griffin have done several articles between them on painting different bits of the range; Matt Fletcher has taken a moment out from building Napoleonic tables to do a nice article on making rivers. The whole comes together rather nicely and is heavily illustrated by the whole new range of models.

It’s also interesting for me to re-read this after almost a year of doing other things. When you get get something printed (and there is now nothing you can do to fix it) there’s always the niggling worry that it may be somehow fatally flawed, though that’s probably just my paranoia showing. It reflects too on the discussions about murdering your darlings and less is more in my design theory articles: are there darlings I should have murdered? Does the gap of time allow me a less clouded view? Have the editors murdered them for me, or have they slain innocents by mistake? Often there is no definitive answer: one man’s darling is another man’s innocent victim. Still, an exciting time.

Oh, and I’ve picked up a few of the new Greek models to show you as well 🙂

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7 Responses to Tribes Of Legend – Update

  1. Minitrol says:

    Yay getting closer!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what it’s like, might have to put it on a Christmas shopping list or something.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I was going to put up some design notes too, but thought I should perhaps wait till there was a finalised release date (which can happen once it’s made it onto these shores and past the customs trolls).

  3. Sam Dale says:

    Here’s a bit of good timing:

    Is there a place in Tribes of Legend for big, beefy and bronzed there?

  4. Matt Adlard says:

    Great Game played and won a battle with my mighty Centors on the open day. Even picked up a copy of the rules which I’m pleased with.
    Game has a nice fluidic dynamic which allows play to move fast and be tactical.

    Great game, just marred by the bloody crap front cover art. You can even see the join and cut marks around the eyes where the artist has been making un-clever short cuts. Only a niggle, but if hadn’t played the game might have skipped after looking at cover.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ll have to look again at the cover art. My issue with it was that it was badly printed rather than badly drawn. Waaaaay too orange. Can’t win them all though.

      Glad you liked the game 🙂

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