Dwarf King’s Hold at TGN’s Readers’ Choice Awards

Tabletop Gaming News (TGN) have an annual Reader’s Choice Award, split into several categories to cover the best in gaming for the past year. They’ve just put up the 2011 voting and Dwarf King’s Hold is in the Rules and Expansions section 🙂

Whilst there are always enough cries of ballot stuffing and vote rigging to satisfy a medium sized dictatorship, I think it’s a bit of fun and encourage you to mosey on over and cast your votes in the various different categories. Naturally I’d like you to vote for the sell out* Dwarf King’s Hold in the rules category because I wrote it, but actually I think the most useful bit is already done: the nominations. Each year these shortlists includes a gem or two that have slipped by me either unnoticed or without garnering the attention they perhaps deserved and this list is a reminder to go back and see if there was something I missed. It’s even worth going back through the searches and looking at previous year’s nominations. You never know what cool stuff you’ll find.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!

*Don’t panic if you haven’t got one already. It’s back in print now and can be found in your local game store or direct from Mantic Games who have the good manners, taste and charm to publish it 😉

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5 Responses to Dwarf King’s Hold at TGN’s Readers’ Choice Awards

  1. What? You expect me to… oh fair enough. Obviously an Approved by Cats award wasn’t enough for you!!!! lol. Good list of stuff.

  2. osbad says:

    Voted for DKH. Actually it was a no-brainer as it was the only item nominated – whether model or ruleset – that I had both bought and played with!

    There were a couple of items that I had also bought, but nothing that had actually run up my personal flagpole so far as to actually inspire me to get it assembled, painted and played with!


  3. Quirkworthy says:

    Looks like they’ve broken the voting system on TGN and we’ll have to wait till next monday for it to go live again. Must have been all the votes for DKH that was too much for it


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