Mantic Open Day Seminar Video

For those of you that didn’t make the last Mantic Day here is a video of one of the seminars, filmed by some Spanish bloggers.

There is a short intro in Spanish, then the body of the seminar is in English. The sound isn’t great as it has picked up the noise form the room next door where the DreadBall demos were going on (rather loudly). I’m sure it wasn’t as noticeable on the day. Despite that you can still hear the comments from the speakers who are me in the centre with Ronnie Renton (of Mantic) on my right, and Tommie Soule (from Golem Painting) on my left.

It was a free form Q&A session and covers DreadBall, Dwarf King’s Hold, Project Pandora, Kings of War, Warpath, painting and Kickstarter campaigns among other things – in no particular order.

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