The Song of Felix

Here’s the second sonnet on trollslaying. This one is from the viewpoint of the human, Felix Jaegar of Gotrek & Felix fame. If you don’t know the story, basically he got very drunk with a dwarf in a bar one night, and swore an oath to document his adventures. Only later did he realise that Gotrek was a Slayer and so the job was an extremely dangerous one. True to his word though, he traipses round with Gotrek, getting into scrapes and writing the story of the most famous Slayer in the Warhammer world.

And don’t worry, there’s only one more of these to come 😉


The Song of Felix Jaegar

A trail of broken bodies on the floor
And also several well-drained casks of beer
No glint of gold lies lurking in the gore
It seems to me a Slayer has been here

I follow signs of carnage through the door
And do my best to trample down my fear
When sounds of victims adding to the score
With curdled screams of death assault my ear

Wherever axe meets fang or tooth or claw
Whenever bloody Death begins to cheer
A Slayer’s in the midst, you can be sure
And foolish me is standing far too near

A promise is a promise, that’s no lie
I’ll sing the song of Gotrek till I die


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