Oh My…

Many, many comments and emails to answer…

Another day not at my desk till gone 10pm. Lots got done, but not in the way of writing answers I’m afraid. I’ll get onto that first thing tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also looking like being exciting as the Mantic crew are off on the start of their big terrain extravaganza. You’ll have seen the teaser video by now, and the full thing is coming. I found it a bit mesmerising, watching the pieces assemble themselves into different buildings. A moment of rather self consciously geekish pleasure 😉

Oh, one question I’ve been asked is whether the buildings need to be glued together or not. That depends on what you’re doing with them. They’re designed so that you can assemble enough buildings to play Deadzone on a normal sized gaming mat without using glue. Of course, if you dismantle them into their constituent parts every time then that will take a while, and more time to set up next time. Personally I’m planning on gluing together a series of subassemblies so that I’ve got half a dozen small structures and then a bunch of smaller bits that will let me put them together in different ways. That should make setting up and taking down a much faster process without making much difference to the overall versatility of the set. Of course, if you’re using the terrain for games of Warpath, Infinity, or whatever then you might want to make far larger and more complex structures, and they might want gluing.

Hope that makes sense.

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4 Responses to Oh My…

  1. ph3brickid says:

    Hi Jake, I’ve not had a whole lot of time to play around with the alpha yet but one thing I did happen across was the 2nd gen and how it works with grenades. Seeing as it has no shooting stat when it got a grenade I just assumed it automatically ‘missed’ and scattered the grenade to an adjacent space but I couldn’t see anything definitive.
    Also I’ve got to admit, now I’ve had a go at trying to kill an enforcer with 3rd gens I can see how difficult to kill things can be, so assuming the 1st gen will be tougher than them (as you said) I’m not so concerned about it being easy to kill anymore! 😉
    I certainly like the look of the rules so far, they take a bit of a change of mentality from my background playing 40k but I’m really excited to see how they develop. I guess the thing that will ultimately determine how much I love the system is where you take the character development when you get on to that.

    Sorry for the ‘Big Wall of Text’ ™

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Stage 2s don’t pick stuff up. That will be best done as a standard special rule (plague dogs won’t pick stuff up either), but for the Alpha it was as easy to have it in the rule: “if a non-stage 2 model…”.

      I’ve written the broad strokes for campaigns, though my main focus is getting the core sound as everything trees off that. I want the game to be full of tactical challenges and fun without the campaign, then the campaign is that much better 😉

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