I’m down with the Beasts of War today after far too early a start so I’m afraid that you won’t see much in the way of comments from me today.

We’ll be recording some videos I daresay, but I’m not sure exactly what. Mind you, if I had to guess I’d expect Deadzone to be mentioned, at least in passing…

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6 Responses to Beasts

  1. Jon Charles says:

    I’m expecting a developer’s diary for the backstagers!

  2. Ben says:

    As much as I’m looking forward to the DZ coverage I hope you remind Warren that you have designed other games and they deserve lots of content too…

    That’s right, Battle of the Halji week on BoW!!

  3. Andy Frazer says:

    It’s a pity I’ll not be there to do the interview.

    Remember to have a word with Warren about some demo games of Deadzone, Dreadball et al at the TTN Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention on 8-9th June… perhaps a personal appearance might be in order too!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve talked to Mantic and they’re on the case. It’s a funny stage to do Deadzone demos. The Kickstarter will have just finished and the trade release won’t be for months. We’ll see.

      Might well go down for it anyway, and there’s no reason we can’t have a load of DreadBall going on.

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