Deadzone Sorak Close Ups

Another one of the teases the other day was a Sorak. These are another of the fun aliens that make up the Rebel faction and can best be described as foot soldiers.


Anyway, like the Orc Commander, you may not have seen this lovely little model from more than one angle, so here he is. Note that this is a pre-production resin and is shown at lots larger than real size (which is 29mm to the top of his head) without having been cleaned up first. You should ignore any blemishes as any mould lines on the final version will be in a different place anyway as the production models use a completely different mould and process.

And in case you are confused: yes he is walking on his hands and holding the rifle in his feet. Because he can.

Feet front

Feet left

Feet back


Feet top


This is another model I’m very pleased with. Originally the concept came up for DreradBall though he hasn’t yet made it into that game. Nice to see him making an appearance here.

The tricky part now is deciding what colour he should be.


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25 Responses to Deadzone Sorak Close Ups

  1. Kane says:

    LARGER than real size? So he is gonna be WAY smaller than a human then? TINY.

  2. Matt Grant says:

    Great pics. I know that these models for the Rebels are going to have the most differentiation among species, which is great because it offeres a lot of room for further expansion down the road. On that note is there/will there be fluff out there about the different species and how they fit into the over all story/faction and so on? This will more than likely greatly impact my painting schemes.

  3. fiendil says:

    Pink. With extra pink.

  4. killaminis says:

    I’m very pleased with the model quality on Mantic’s latest figures. It’s not everyday that you can invest in a game and see your support turn into furthering the product of the company in such a positive direction.

  5. devachris says:

    This is a great sculpt, and frankly the sculptor deserves credit for a job well done. Who did the Sorak?

  6. redfox4242 says:

    I love the Rebel aliens. They’re so unique and creative.

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  8. Birdman says:

    Takes the term “shooting from the hip” to a whole new level. Nice! Although, how does he brace against the recoil force from the gun? Is there a “must spend a move action on the next turn to perform a somersault” penalty when he blazes away? 🙂

  9. Liam says:

    Very, very cool. One of my favorite things about the Deadzone aliens is that most of them aren’t just humans with odd foreheads or pointy ears. One question though, how does he draw that knife?

  10. MM says:

    It remainds me of the alien racing vs Anaking in Star Wars the phantom menace…

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