A Brief Note

Just to say that the stats for all the models in the first 4 faction decks are done and I’m busy running them all through the points calculator (which now works rather nicely, thanks).

And, bizarrely, the first starter set I calculated with this final version came out to exactly 100 points. Like I’d planned it.

I’ve got another playtest later so I’ll upload what’s finished before I go for that.

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6 Responses to A Brief Note

  1. Very excited to give the latest version a go, planning to play a number of games later next week, hopefully that’s not too late for feedback.

  2. asdepicas says:

    yaaaaaaaayyy!!!!! as soon as you upload all that stuff i´ll be downloading it to have it prepared for this night… its going to be an intense night of testing, many players and many games prepared! hope i can give some interesting feedback tomorrow morning… or maybe afternoon if games run late XP

  3. Travis S says:

    Eagerly awaiting to see what you have come up with. Unfortunately won’t have any time to get to it this weekend with my folks in town. The drive to Gencon is roughly 9 hours though and it will make for great reading.

  4. Chris Richardson says:

    I’ve got a game scheduled for after work. That’s 4 hours from now. Can’t wait! (But obviously will)

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