Deadzone Mercenaries

Before I inundate you with yet more large files, I thought I’d post a delicate and refined one (full of psychopaths and assassins).

I know you haven’t got all the abilities yet. Working on putting them in a single file all nicely explained, but that’s got to wait till I finish the current task.

Patience though. It’s coming πŸ˜‰

Mercs deck v2 public

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17 Responses to Deadzone Mercenaries

  1. Hendybadger says:

    “Wrath of Judkhan”

    Love it!

  2. Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

    more testing material!!! some of these look really interesting, will have to wait until we see all the abilities though

  3. Evan Champie says:

    I alphabetized and reformatted all the abilities we’ve been shown so far into one handy openoffice file for ease of playtesting. We love the game, you’re keeping us sane till it arrives! πŸ™‚

  4. Jack Trowell says:

    Is the “works for” part still a wrok in progress ? I find strange ready so many “works for any” entries, I would have expected even the more mercenaries characters to get “any expect plague” at worst expected of course for plague specific characters.

    Is there a fluff reason for mercenaries working for infected ?

    Oh, and thank you again for the regular updates. ^_^

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Most mercenaries work for whoever pays them, though the specific reason an individual might work for the Plague would vary from one to the another.

      The listings of who they will work for are generally “Any” as a default. If there is no strong reason for them not wanting to work for someone then I let it stand. It’s easy enough to imagine ways that the Plague (or any other faction) could come up with very large amounts of payment for someone they really wanted to hire, and that being the case the mercs may be given an offer they would be silly to refuse.

      The Plague aren’t all so out of it that they can’t hold a sort of conversation. They can, after all, pilot spaceships, among other things. It depends on how the mutagens have changed the individual. That being the case it makes sense to me that those with skills at negotiation and a familiarity with the more shady end of business might easily slip into hiring mercs. Some of them may even have worked for the same people before they were plaguey.

      I suppose it’s a glass half full vs glass half empty sort of mindset. Plague is just another opportunity.

  5. Jonatan Reino (asdepicas) says:

    after another night of testing here am i again, I will post in every deck post so that feedback stays well organized:
    about the mercs, we havent used evey merc due to not knowing what some abilities do. but they seem to give some colour to games.
    In our opinion Boomer the grenadier should cost a bit less due to being very fragile and very short ranged and also it should have Boom! wich would explain why people dont want to be near him.
    blaine has seen some play due to being a non-slow 1st gen in combat, a real killing machine wich plague really struggled against due to not having good shooting and being slightly inferior in combat.
    Dr simmonds seens like a more resilent 3rd gen… seems not worth its cost and quite boring in comparison with the rest of mercs… maybe it could have medic or some other fluffy ability
    the rest werent used due not not knowing all their rules (well, one player tried nastanza without the cloack, shes a real killing machine… but also dies quite easily)

  6. james says:


    iv found two stat cards for the suvivor, one is on the mantic web site and has a suvive stat of 5+. the other is on this blog and has a suvive stat of 3+.

    which one is correct?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The one with Survive 3+.

      This was just a case of the stats getting transposed. He should be 553, not 535. In other words, he’s better at Surviving than fighting (as you might expect).

      I’ve spoken to the Mantic guys and they’re updating their card.

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