Darkhammer Miniatures

I thought I’d show you some of the new toys I got recently.

Darkhammer figs

Darkhammer Miniatures themselves are a relatively new Chinese (I think) company with only a small line so far – when I ordered these they were the entirety of their offering. They now have one more and a set of concepts for more rank and file sort of figures. They also say that they’d like to do a game at some point.

As these are rather detailed I’ll look at them one at a time, starting tomorrow. That way I can take the time to show you the quality of sculpting and casting up close.

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13 Responses to Darkhammer Miniatures

  1. Ben says:

    They recently did an indiegogo campaign which was amazing value yet hardly anyone pledged. Some really lovely minis in there.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I saw it and thought it was clearly not going to succeed. A shame really. There were some negative comments about them being Chinese and that being inherently dodgy in general – without any evidence that this applied to them in particular. My own experience has been that they sent the stuff I asked for when they said they would and it was all fine.

      • Ben says:

        They’d been around for a little while before the campaign so I had no doubts to their genuineness. If I could have afforded to pledge then I would have. Being on indiegogo and not in either the US or EU is always going to put a low ceiling on any campaign, and the very low price seemed to work against them.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          There were a whole collection of things that could have been or gone better for them. Mostly I think it’s experience. Still, the concepts for their next lot look good too and I hope they’ll be back with a revised and improved attempt.

  2. Sam Dale says:

    Monk with a Thousand Hands? Have they been pinching ideas from Kingdom Death? If there’s a hand poking out of his bum, then I’d suggest yes…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      No, not at all. They don’t remind me of KD at all. They look like asian demon inspired beasties to me. No hands poking out of strange places, no babies, no semi-clad nubiles…

  3. cashwiley says:

    I have the initial three and they’re great models. The DH guys really need an English marketing person, their indiegogo was really a mess. It seemed like way too good of a deal and when people started asking questions, they had difficulty answering them and adjusted the campaign in the wrong direction.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Agreed. The language was clearly an issue for them. I think that broken English sounds a bit dodgy because of the stereotypes we’re used to seeing in the media. If these guys are setting up a scam then they’re playing a very long game indeed. Possible, I suppose, but seems a bit unlikely. The feeling (ie a complete guess) I get is that they’re enthusiastic amateurs who are doing this because this is what they enjoy and that they’re learning the business end the hard way.

      I hope to see them back with a slightly better considered indiegogo or KS campaign. I’m sure the first one taught them a lot.

      • cashwiley says:

        I also get no hint of scam from them at all. They could also use some crowdfund 101, as they ran a Flexible Funding IGG, which is instant red flag. I liked their stuff and had already been looking at it, so I picked up one of their package deals to see the quality first-hand, but ultimately pulled out of the IGG because they seemed focused on ranks vs characters and I’m not a wargamer.

        I’m also keeping an eye on these guys, there is definitely room for some Eastern mini companies and I’m hoping to see some talented sculptors develop in that part of the world.

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