Unboxing Darkhammer’s Monk With 1000 Hands

Here’s another one from the toy pile. This time it’s the Monk With A Thousand Hands, again from Darkhammer Miniatures.

Monk-with-Thousand-handThis model shares many similarities of packaging, detail of sculpting and quality of casting with the undead samurai. I won’t repeat all that here other than to say that it’s a very nice piece indeed and I’m very happy to have it.

1000 handsAs you can see, he comes in quite a few bits so there’s some assembly to do. Lots of great details here. Continuing the asiatic undead/demonic theme, the monk has his Buddhist prayer beads and is clearly a peaceful fellow. I’m also intrigued that they’ve modelled the flames on his head (which is on fire – see the art above). That’ll be a challenge to paint well.

Whilst the undead samurai is simply another incarnation of a familiar undead warrior, this monk is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Now I don’t claim to be particularly up on the latest in oriental demons, so that’s perhaps not surprising. He does look cool though, and very much the stuff of nightmares. What would you use him for? Well apart from the obvious use as a display piece there are games like Bushido which I’m sure could find a corner for him. I’ll be using him in both GoB and Eternal Battles. For GoB I’d like the undead to have a wide mix of cultural backgrounds, and the odd demon wouldn’t go amiss as a hero. Alternatively, you could use him as a statue. He would make a nice focal point for some evil sanctuary, and if he happened to come to life when the adventurers triggered the trap, or upset the sorcerer…

All in all it’s another very nice offering from Darkhammer.

Why is his head on fire?

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13 Responses to Unboxing Darkhammer’s Monk With 1000 Hands

  1. Robert Allen says:

    “Why is his head on fire?”

    Sriracha I’ll wager.

  2. Adam says:

    Because if in doubt when designing a character, set some part of them on fire! They do both look really nice.

    I’ve got some Chinese resins/plastics coming in this year (hopefully!) from the Journey: Wrath of Demons Kickstarter, so it will be interesting to compare – they also show a very Asian influence in the character designs, but the project is being run out of Hong Kong. They also had much, much stronger English skills and could afford a fancy narrator, so I think it inspired a bit more confidence!

  3. Matt Price says:

    The website has him next to a ruler, does he really tower above humanoid sized heroes like that? He looks huge!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      It’s not so much that he’s tall, more that he’s got arms, claws and swords sticking out all over. If you look at that photo then you can see the top of his head is only about 33mm. I’ll have a better idea when I’ve got him assembled so I can stand him next to a human.

  4. Graeme says:

    My hat’s on fire! Why didn’t you tell me my hat was on fire?!

  5. zamnil says:

    I recently bought myself some Darkhammer miniatures as the deal looked too good to pass on by, they should paint up a treat 🙂

    Any chance you’ll do a review of the Tyrant miniature?

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