Unboxing Darkhammer’s Bloodlust Tyrant

Bloodlust Tyrant artThe last of the three models I got from Darkhammer is the biggest and baddest: the Bloodlust Tyrant. Don’t let the fact that he abbreviates to BLT make you think he’s a dainty morsel: he’s a monster.

Yes, it’s more demonic undead naughtiness from Asia. Again, I’ve no idea whether this represents a specific mythical creature or whether it’s a more generic expression of the sculptor’s nightmares. Either way, it’s a great looking piece.

As with the Samurai and Monk, it comes well protected in a pass-the-parcel set of layers. Straight out of the bag it looks like this:


I’ve not cleaned, straightened or otherwise fixed anything.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot of parts in this box. Annoyingly I just realised that I haven’t added a scale to this, so you’ll have to use the parts of undead humans he’s decorated with as a guide (there’s three of them at the bottom of the pic above). He’s not small though.

As there is so much detail of armour, weapons, corpses and rotten, mangy, fur and flesh texture on this chap I’ve left these pictures a bit bigger than usual so you can click and enbiggen 🙂

As before, these remind me of some of the Rackham models in terms of detail and unpleasantness. And that’s a good thing. Rackham wasn’t perfect all the time, but it came  close more often than most. I really must dig out the Uraken Ogres to see how they’d sit alongside these chaps. They aren’t undead, but still…

Anyway, more pictures!


The main body from a slight angle. Lots to play with here.

The next two are me holding the two main body parts together. This isn’t glued so the join is OK, but not perfect. That’s possibly just the way I’m holding them. Again, no shortage of detail to drybrush, wash or otherwise pick out.



There are a couple of slight whitening scuff marks on the right hand side of the model. In person it looks like it’s simply discolouration rather than anything that needs repairing, so nothing to panic about. In any case, an undead demon thing is already going to be covered in manky bits, so a bit of damage would not be at all out of place.

I could go on telling you it’s pretty and showing you yet more pics, but I think you get the idea…

As with the others, it’s cast in a grey resin that holds detail nicely and doesn’t seem too fragile. However, as with anything made of resin the thinner parts may not hold up to tabletop handling (depending on who you play with). Personally I’m careful with models so I’d be happy to use them. If I was really bothered then I’d replace the spear shafts with brass rod and drill out the sculpted head and butt so I could keep the fancy work.

All the bits I’ve dry fitted work well and it looks to be a well thought out kit. There aren’t any instructions, but with the pictures to hand you can see where everything goes easily enough. All the smaller pieces either locate in specific holes or have specifically shaped shallows sculpted for them to nestle in.

BLT sculpt

This is a final picture that I’ve pinched from the Darkhammer site of the assembled sculpt (I assume from the mixed materials that this is the master). I do think he looks impressive. More pics on their site.

Overall I think that this is my favourite of the three models I’ve got from Darkhammer so far. I find him refreshingly different from the normal fantasy ranges you see everywhere. Add technical skill and a striking character and you have a winner in my view. Highly recommended.

When I first saw the model I immediately decided I wanted it, but it took a little while to think of an excuse. I try not to buy things I don’t have even a blue sky project for. if I can make these guys work as I have in mind they will be very impressive on the table.

Darkhammer have made another model since the Tyrant, Monk and Samurai were done and I’ve ordered that too. Just waiting for him to arrive now 🙂

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12 Responses to Unboxing Darkhammer’s Bloodlust Tyrant

  1. Adam Fair says:

    Okay, fine, this last post convinced me! They’re all extremely impressive, and the $50 (+$11 shipping) for their ‘Deluxe set’ (all 4 of the existing standalone miniatures) was too tempting to pass by. Shame that this seems to be extremely limited though – there’s only one left after my order. Otherwise you’re left with the (reasonable, but expensive) standard prices.

    I wonder if resin miniatures from China are going to be a big part of the future. Plastic and ‘restic’ production seems to largely be concentrated on Chinese factories now anyway, but this and the Journey Kickstarter suggest that the lower labour costs can mean lower prices on ‘artisan’ pieces without sacrificing quality.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Their “limited editions” come and go, so it’s worth popping back every now and again, or perhaps signing up to their newsletters. It seems to be more of a limited time offer than a true limited edition. Translation is a tricky business.

      Their offer prices are very good. The normal prices seem about on par for resins of this quality. Whether this tempts you or not depends on how much you can afford and what you want them for. As ever.

      The bulk of resin stuff I’ve seen from China has been recasts of other company’s work. I’m sure there are plenty of skilled sculptors, but they’re going for existing marketplaces, I suppose. Because of that I haven’t bought any myself – I don’t really have a use for a “Forge World” 40k dreadnought at any price. However, the people I have talked to about this who have bought pieces have all said that the stuff they got was well cast, and in some cases better than the originals. Obviously you can’t have more detail than was in the original, but it seems that you can get the castings cleaner and in better quality resin. Hearsay, true, but hearsay I’ve heard repeatedly. Someone probably has comparison photos on the net if you look.

      Either way, with competent craftsmen to cast the pieces it is a shame we don’t see more original work. I saw the recent Asian myth themed board game on Kickstarter (though I’ve forgotten its name) and that had some nice work in it. Based in Hong Kong, I think. If anyone knows of more Chinese companies producing this sort of quality of original work I’d love to see some links 🙂

  2. zamnil says:

    It looks like a beaut’ of a model, can’t wait to get mine now 🙂
    Any chance you could tell me roughly how tall it is, and what size base it would need?
    Kinda working on a little project just to use the Darkhammer miniatures I bought, and would like to know it’s size before I steam on ahead

    • Quirkworthy says:

      This is based on an unassembled model, so will be a mil or two out here and there.

      Back feet are 39mm apart (outside), front to back footprint is a little less. He does overhang that though. In base terms, I’d say the top would need to be at least a 40mm round space. Cavalry bases aren’t usually that wide.

      Height to the top of his head is about 60mm. The helmet crest, back banner thing and so on are taller than that.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  3. D6 says:

    You do have quite long fingernails, Mr Thornton … 🙂

  4. Lex says:

    Hi, This guy looks so amazing, so good I ordered from their website, but haven’t heard back, tried emailing them and it looks like they’ve gone dead. Have you heard any news from them lately?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      They were always slow in replying, though I’ve never failed to get a response eventually. They also send out packets only periodically. At least, that’s how they’ve done their orders in the past. However, this was mentioned repeatedly on their site, so it wasn’t a surprise: you knew when orders would be sent (and it is going a fair way). It’s the same thing Figone does.

      Looking at their Facebook, they’ve been quiet since the end of March, so you may be right. I’ve sent them an email to see if I can get a response. Will let you know if I hear anything.

      • Lex says:

        I’m used with delays from some suppliers, but the lack of response worries me. Thanks for that^.^ I appreciate the effort. Oh and great work on the Deadzone rules set, I’m loving it.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Thanks Lex.

          I always get the feeling that they don’t have many people who write English. Perhaps that slows down their response times. I know I’d be pretty slow if I was working in Chinese 😉

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