Salute Spoils

Salute spoils

Back from Salute now, and what a show it was! The best show I’ve been to in ages, I think. Why? Several reasons. To start with there was a very upbeat and cheery atmosphere, both among the traders and the customers (not always the case). That’s always good. I also wangled a little more time between talking to people about the games I’ve done for Mantic to actually have a look about the show myself, and I acquired a small pile of swag (above) while doing so. I’ll do some unboxings and whatnot later.

These brief jaunts away from the stand did underline quite how much there was to see at the show. There were at least two people I had arranged to say hi to, but couldn’t actually find on the day. Several stands like SmartMax and Studio McVey I saw only at a distance and would happily have browsed in detail. Some of the aisles I didn’t even go down at all (probably why I didn’t find everyone I was after), and the entries to the painting competition were so popular that all I could see was the crowd around the cases. I never even looked at the demo games. Lots and lots to see and do.

That’s not a complaint though, it’s just rambling aloud. If anything, I’m reminding myself that if I’m ever there and not working on a stand I need to give myself the whole day to really do it justice. I can’t think of another 1-day UK show that’s true for.


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7 Responses to Salute Spoils

  1. Ben says:

    I came away with that World of Twilight postcard too. I’ve three reasonably sized forces for it now. Between my overnight bag, all the stuff I bought, and the stuff I picked up for other people, I was laden down when I left.

  2. Anthony says:

    Looking forward to the unboxings. Did Mantic show off any MA at the show, I was browsing their pictures and a few overviews of the show and it seems that Deadzone, KoW, and even DBX overshadowed their up and coming IP.

    • nathan payne says:

      I missed so much… can’t wait for the next one. Don’t you have orcs yo paint jake ? 🙂 no time for new toys.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        @Anthony – no MA. We hadn’t got any to sell and there was a technical issue with the display cabinets, so the models we were showing were the ones that went on the DZ displays we had. We also had more stuff than we had space to show off…

        I think next year will have a big MA splash.

        @Nathan – It is my solemn duty as a gamer to ensure that I never run out of toys. And yes, there are always orcs to paint.

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Jake… i went too and would have been great to say hello in person. I sent over 2 hours walking around and never get the chance to stand and watch the demo games too… Shame there was no mars Attacks on display…
    Do you have a email address so i can drop you a line..?
    Thanks Jake

    Alan /Great Yarmouth

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