Plastics Going Cheap!

Seems to be the season for it. Both Warlord and Victrix are having a sale on some of their plastics.

Warlord are doing 50% off their sprues until the end of May, and Victrix 25% off boxed sets till the 12th of June. At least for Victrix it’s something to do with the World Cup. Whatever that is.


From Warlord, it seemed like a great opportunity to try one of each of some of their ranges I haven’t looked at up close yet. It’s always very different seeing things online and in the flesh, so to speak.

The list of things they make plastics for these days is pretty impressive too. They’ve clearly been very busy bunnies since I last looked properly at their store.

VictrixFor Victrix it was the push I needed to actually try a few of their toys too. I mean, individual figures around 30p for Victrix Napoleonics!¹ Can’t really argue with that.

I’ve read a lot about their models, usually compared to Perry ones, but I’ve never tried assembling any myself. That is always the proof of the pudding. And they make proper² French Napoleonics too, which the Perrys unfortunately don’t seem interested in 😦

It is entirely possible I may have accidentally bought a lot more models.




1: On the ones I counted. I didn’t check them all.

2: Peninsular War period, obviously. Not that Bardin uniform silliness. Hundred days? That’s not a war, it’s a stroll round Belgium.

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3 Responses to Plastics Going Cheap!

  1. nathan payne says:

    Hey i like the fighting in Belgium mr Thornton 🙂
    Only 700 or so Naps to paint… :/ i dont have any victrix, but perry and warlord i do. And they are very nice for the bucks you pay. Victrix box sets are all flank or all centre ? So i have gone for the others….perry and warlord. You get both in there box’s. I base mine 6 to a 45 x 40 base giving 6 companies. A lot of people base 4 figs to a 40 x 40. I just picked up a box of the new warlord Hanoverian infantry. The sprue is the same as the British infantry sprue… only the heads are different. The 6 metal command company is different too. And very nice. Looking forward to what you think of them. Cheers mate.

  2. James 'Maz' Marsden says:

    Bolt Action is a game i’d love to play but i just dont have the funds/space or time sadly

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