Gaming Daze

dungeon-saga-boxSpent part of yesterday’s gaming session playing Dungeon Sagas and all morning running through it again with some new victims at Mantic HQ. We played¹ one of the training missions about ten times, and they were all still cheery at the end of it, which is a good sign.

By the end, after many small tweaks, replaying and replaying again, it’s coming along nicely. I’m sure there’s a bit more we can do though, but you’ll see for yourselves soon enough. The Kickstarter isn’t far away and there will be a set of Beta rules for you to try your hand at the introductory scenarios. Quite possibly more by the time we’re done. Got to start somewhere though, and the beginning is always a favourite.

And just so you don’t think it was all work yesterday, we also played Odin’s Ravens again, and had a particularly closely fought and exciting race. It’s a cracking little game and well worth adding to your collection if you haven’t got it already. I’ve no idea if it’s still in print or not. I’ll leave you to explore that one 🙂




1: Well, they played and I watched.

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4 Responses to Gaming Daze

  1. Matt Price says:

    Teasing us with the infamous, out of print Odin’s Ravens! It was Kickstarted, and became one of the most nefarious examples of kickstarter villainy: the project lead took the money (~$23K), went n an ebay binge, and was never heard of again. Nearly 700 backers got taken.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      That does sound vaguely familiar now you mention it. Sorry if it brings back unpleasant flashbacks. That doesn’t detract from it being a spiffy game though.

      • Matt Price says:

        No bad feelings here. Though a friend of mine got caught up in it, I dodged that bullet. It’s a shame, though, when what I think is a great platform for bringing games to market, Kickstarter (something like 4,300 table top games so far?), gets manipulated by a few bad eggs. That really sullies its reputation, rather unfairly in my mind.

        Though I do expect this project to do quite well! Glad to hear the beta rules will be up early. That should earn you folks some points!

    • Sam Dale says:

      I thought Ravens was the one where the guy had no permission to use the IP to do a reprint, and basically disappeared with the money as soon as the KS was done, and that Doom That Came to Atlantic City was the one where the guy that ran it went on an ebay spree.

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