A Little Dungeon Sagas Progress

dungeon-saga-boxSince the Kickstarter I’ve been pushing ahead with various pieces of the large puzzle that makes up Dungeon Sagas. Now that we’ve got a final list of things to include, I’ve got a map of what I need to get done and the order it needs to be done in. At least roughly.

Last friday I had a very helpful meeting with Ronnie and the Mantic crew about this roadmap and we agreed on the best way forward. So, with everyone singing from the same song sheet, it’s just about getting on with it 🙂

There are, of course, details to be nailed down regarding exactly how the retail products are done. This won’t change what Kickstart backers get, just what happens after that’s been delivered. This difference between retail and backers is an interesting part of running a Kickstarter. With some products these two elements will be identical, with others they may be completely different. It all depends on exactly what you’re making. Just how much effort sorting all that out requires is something I’d not even thought about till I saw it done. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes you guys never see. In fact, when I talk to people who’ve just run their first KS they nearly always tell me the same thing: they didn’t realise quite how much work there was behind the scenes. Luckily for me I don’t have to do most of that logistical malarkey: I just do the game design 😀

Anyway, back to DS.

Much of this development will happen among my usual testers and the Mantic crew. However, some of it will be public so you guys can both see where we are and join in the fun 🙂

Exactly what and when this will be are things I haven’t yet nailed down entirely, and the first stuff is likely to be at the end of the month after an internal milestone has been ticked off. Until then, you should be getting your hero and monster models ready (if you haven’t already). Whatever else happens you can be sure you’ll need them!

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8 Responses to A Little Dungeon Sagas Progress

  1. Pikaraph says:

    I’d like to learn about how you work with the Mantic team : do they have already lots of ideas when you come to work with them ? how many models, basics gimmicks, mechanics and so on.
    Or do they build around some ideas you threw to them before ?

  2. Danny says:

    Excellent stuff, thanks for the update, Jake, much appreciated. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how you deal with all the different elements of the game and look forward to playing with any snippets of rules you would share with us. 🙂

  3. Willem-Jan (Hephesto) says:

    Cool stuff, love finding out more about the whole design and testing process!

  4. eriochrome says:

    I have my huge pile of fantasy minis and both sets main sets DKH tiles. Plus my numerical model system has been checked and tuned from a monte carlo system to a case enumeration for enhanced accuracy.

  5. Shane says:

    How happy are you with the core rules at this stage? I can’t wait to see some more advanced rules but am avoiding getting my hopes up on those until I hear the green light on the core rules 🙂

  6. Rob says:

    > some of it will be public so you guys can both see where we are and join in the fun
    So periodically more details of the game rules will get posted so that community play testing and feedback can happen. Am I reading that right? I would like to see the co-op rules in the near future hopefully. 🙂

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