Ada Lorana Redux

Here’s a new version of the Ada Lorana with the Phaser wording (and rule) changed. Hopefully this is clearer, and more fun to play.

Edit: updated version here.

I’ve not changed the points costs for the team. The view was that they were a bit poor for their cost, and they’ve now been improved rather than reducing their cost. See how that goes.

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26 Responses to Ada Lorana Redux

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  2. John McLeish says:

    Way better, much happier. The rules are clear and make sense. I like that they can phase onto the ball at a penalty and that the slam situation makes more sense.

    Vast improvement, I would happily play these. I don’t think they are too powerful either except maybe a 5 dice evade with 3+ speed on the striker, but that is something that needs play time.

  3. Seb says:

    Hi Jake ! First, thanks for all your work !
    I think these new rules are far better than the older ones. I’ll test all of these as soon as possible.

    So. I’m in charge of the translation of DreadBall for France, so I’ve translate all the new rules for french people. So ‘ere it is ! Hope it should be useful for french people.

    La capacité à se déplacer à travers la matière solide peut sembler être un avantage déloyal pour une équipe de DreadBall, et c’est exactement ce que réclament les adversaires des Ada-Lorana. Cependant, il était difficile pour le Conseil d’Administration de DreadBall de leur interdire de jouer à ce sport, étant donné leur statut d’êtres composés d’énergie pure, et possédant un immense pouvoir.
    Leur interdire l’accès aux ligues était une cause probable d’une nouvelle guerre pour la GCPS avec un ennemi qu’elle ne pouvait pas se permettre, et c’est ainsi que les premières équipes furent formées.
    En dépit d’un avantage évident pour ces êtres capable de se déplacer à travers leurs adversaires, il leur est assez délicat de porter la balle, et c’est un des équilibes à prendre en compte contre les incorporels Ada-Lorana. Ils ne peuvent pas rester tout le temps sous cette forme incorporelle, et cela les laisse vulnérables aux Slams et aux Piétinements, comme pour n’importe qui.
    Malgré tout, de nombreuses équipes restent très méfiantes envers les Ghosts, et il leur est très inconfortable de jouer contre eux. Quelques-uns des joueurs les plus supersticieux refusent simplement de les affronter ; une solution qui a provoqué plusieurs annulation de matchs. Les Ada-Lorana se l’expliquent simplement en prétextant que leurs adversaires ont quelque chose à cacher. En réalité, il est facilement concevable que de nombreuses personnes sont effrayées à l’idée qu’ils soient des fantômes, et c’est exactement ce genre de légende urbaine que leur rappelle les Ada-Lorana.
    Souvenez-vous que vous pouvez jouer cette équipe en tant que Glambek Ghosts, ou comme n’importe quelle autre équipe d’Ada-Lorana de votre création. Les valeurs d’équipe restent les mêmes pour toutes les équipes d’Ada-Lorana, même si votre équipe sera la plus incorporelle.

    Un joueur avec cette compétence peut prendre une forme fantomatique, incorporel, et se déplacer à travers d’autres joueurs, comme s’ils n’était pas là. Même quand ils essaient de rester sous leur forme solide, ils gardent un aspect brumeux, légèrement translucide, comme du brouillard solidifié.
    Un joueur avec la compétence Phaseur peut exister sous deux formes distinctes : Solide et Incorporelle.
    Solide. Un Phaseur solide est considéré comme n’importe quel autre joueur avec les modificateurs suivants :
    – +1 en Échapée
    – +1 en Esquive
    Lorsqu’un Phaseur solide est impliqué dans un Slam, un Contre-slam ou un Piétinement, les deux camps subissent une pénalité de -1 au test de Force.

    Incorporel. Lorsqu’un joueur avec cette compétence effectue une action, il peut choisir de devenir Incorporel. S’il devient incorporel, alors il devra l’être pour toute la durée de son action. Un joueur ne peut pas devenir incorporel s’il est déjà en train de porter la balle. Un joueur incorporel retourne à son état solide à la fin de son action.
    Un joueur incorporel est partiellement en phase dans une autre dimension, et il ne conserve que de fragiles connections avec les trois dimensions habituelles. Il ne peut pas interagir avec la balle ou un autre joueur. Au lieu de cela, ils peuvent se déplacer sur le terrain comme s’il n’y avait pas d’autres joueurs. La seule restriction est qu’il ne peut pas terminer son action dans le même hex qu’un autre joueur ou que la balle. S’il termine son action dans le même hex qu’une balle, alors il est obligé de tenter de la ramasser, avec une pénalité de -1 du fait de son état redevenu solide.

  4. Seb says:

    Of course… it’s Glambek Ghosts, not Glamber o_O

  5. 4rmless says:

    This version looks great, definitely up there in the top tier due to mobility and resilience coupled with high speed and 2 cards. I’ll try to playtest them soon.

  6. Hello. I like the new version. The two strikers are hard to smash, but… there are only two strikers. I mean… i like the composition of the team, with three jacks. More strikers = broken. With only two strikers the team is welll done, balanced. About the phasing ability… i like it. It gives a good pasive defence in “solid” state, and nearly invulnerable in “ghost” mode.

  7. Lee says:

    Now we’re playing with gas! (see what I did there? 😉 ) This looks much more interesting to play. I assume the -1 for phasing in on the ball is cumulative with -1 for sprinting, so an Insubstantial player that sprints onto the ball, then rematerialises is at -2 dice…

    I’ll have to get some proxies lined up and give them a spin later in the week.

  8. wifstrand says:

    This looks a lot better. They look strong but not unbalanced

  9. Josh says:

    Couple things – so are Solid Strikers Dodging at 5 Dice at 3+ AND the opponent is Slamming at -1 Dice on their Strength test? You don’t think that’s way too good?

    And also, if i may ask, why the removal of the -1 to Catch the Ball … not that I’m complaining, as I thought that was a bit much and would drastically reduce the chance of the team ever passing… but seemed like a significant part of the previous version… both fluff wise and somewhat changing the style of play they would need.

    And the change to being able to try to pick the ball up by stopping on it and becoming Solid opens up a lot of options for Insubstantial Movement without penalizing the team for using Insubstantial (other than the -1 which is fine)… I actually like this new version a lot.. just very different from yesterday’s Version 1.0… now have a passing game, can use Insubstantial to get to the ball without wasting a lot of Activation Tokens or Cards, and are much, much harder to take out of the game with their bonuses to Dodge & penalty to opponents Slams… looking forward to testing!

    • 4rmless says:

      I also hadn’t quite twigged that Strikers would have that many dice plus the -1 for the slammer. Def going to test this version.

  10. theearthdragon says:

    I love the clarification, but after reading it a couple times, it now seems a little much.

    While there are 6 players, you aren’t gonna get these guys off the field much. In particular those Strikers. 3+ spd and an extra die for dodging, plus -1 dice to the opponents slam. That’s a two die shift, which is just much too much.

    “But they don’t have that much offense”

    They don’t need as much slam power as their players can just move right on through the opposition. And the opponents can’t really turtle unless they have a commanding lead.

    Now HERE’S the kicker. I have a suspicion that the -1 catch/-1 Steal was given OR the two cards were given to counter the other. Now they have the 2 cards to make it easy to put a 3-4 action string together (4 with a double on pick-up) making scoring SUPER easy. The only thing that really keeps the trontek in check is the fact it isn’t hard to remove their players from the field. So by attrition, they start to have a much harder time scoring in the middle of the match as guys are lying down, man-marked, or hanging out in Sin Bins. This doesn’t apply to the Ada-Lorena as much, they are substantially harder to remove from the field.

    With this much personal defense and a modest cost per player for what they offer, You’ll easily be able to build a bench in a league. Now those “hard to remove” players form a team where it’s impossible to drop them below 6 on the field and on the bench. With their stats, abilities, AND extras, that’s just one more advantage they shouldn’t have.

    I feel a change needs to be made to player cost and some of the extras need to go if they are gonna be this crazily defensive, and they probably need -1 steal to come back, as due to the -1 slamback applying to the opponent, they can 0 players out without Gotcha even being involved.

    • Josh says:

      Yeah, I didn’t even realize 1 Dice AND 2 Cards… that does seem a bit potent… so yeah, maybe a slight point increase and loss of a Card.. also as theEarthDragon said, in a League, getting more players to fill out the roster won’t be too challenging at these prices.

  11. Jon Finn says:

    Could this finally be the team that has a passing game?

    • theearthdragon says:

      You don’t think Rebs and Nameless have a Passing game?

      With 3 speed, they are naturally a running team anyway

      • Jon Finn says:

        I don’t think Rebs or Nameless, who both have MV 6 Strikers, would generally bother to pass to another player when they could almost always be better off with a Run/Sprint then a Throw for a strike.
        Adas can’t run the ball _at all_, so to benefit from their huge mobility they’re going to have to Throw to teammates. Maybe. They might still be better off with 5-dice 3+ Evades.

        • 4rmless says:

          Why can’t they run? They only become insubstantial if they choose to. I’d say they have a great running game. Koris and Mechanites are definitely looking like the passing teams.

        • Jon Finn says:

          You’re right of course: they can run the ball if they don’t go insubstantial.

  12. Lubomirvaic says:

    If people are worried about them being a bit too powerful with their Dodge and whatnot, what about dropping their Move to 4 to represent a slower moving energy being? Their Speed could still be high (3+) to represent their inability to be touched, but that could help slow them down a bit. Or, you could keep their current Movement and not allow them to Sprint maybe (makes sense – ghosts don’t really run all that much but drift). That could potentially offset any thoughts that they will be hard to stop.

    • theearthdragon says:

      With 2 cards, extra evade dice, and 3 spd, It might not have the effect.

      I think snipping one of those cards is the proper way to go as a starting point. Those players are just a bit too cheap at this point as having a 3rd Striker or even a 4th Jack gives you a distinctive advantage no other team really has at this point. The only team who can remove these guys from the field with ease is the Asterians, but that’s just a natural playstyle counter as “fouling” players off the field who have low numbers is just a natural weakness. I also don’t think they should get a major advantage over 22 teams based on the fact 1 same an easy way around it (at this stage in development).

  13. Lamanzer says:

    With this stats line, they don’t need to go insubstantial at all 🙂 Not necessary.

    Even a hard Guard (1 hex move / Str 3+) is not able to down a Jack! Just imagine what a team with stats line 4+ can do…


    … so I have tested with a friend against his Void Siren. I think He’s still crying 🙂 🙂

  14. jgoldenf says:

    Very well done sir! My only problem with this, and pretty much every team beta rules posted, is that I WISH I HAD CHOSEN THEM FOR MY KICKSTARTER TEAM!!!

  15. Seb says:

    Ahh Ada-Lorana. I was waiting for these guys (or girls ?).

    So, we’ve tested them yesterday with my friend against a Corporation 1 team (as we’ve done with Tsudochan).
    We like the Ada-Lorana, but we’ve found them too much.
    The Guard is totally unuseful (eh… that’s good english ?! :-/), and bonuses are too strong.
    So, we’re thinking that’s goes wrong. Again, we like the idea, but it was quickly unbalanced (that’s only our point of view, uh! ^_^)

    We’ve made a second game with some changes.
    Speed 4+ instead the 3+ (that’s a bonus they could get later on league)
    With the Speed 4+, we keep the modificators for Solid state (+1 to Evade, +1 to Dodge)

    We put away the -1 to Slam for the two sides (the ada-lorana are still difficult to hit, but no more impossible to hit!)

    For Insubstantial form, we’ve keep the rule as written, but we use it for every action possible (Slam, Steal, etc.)
    So, an Ada-Lorana who want to Slam, Steal or Pick-up the ball, we applied the same rule : a modificator of -1.
    A Ada-Lorana Guard could pass on Insubstantial form to move and make a Slam at the end of his move. He’s back to his solid form, but Slam with -1.
    Same thing for Steal ou Pick up the ball.

    So a small change but that’s bring us more fun and it was playable.
    What do you think ?

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