Mutants v2

One of the more problematical and powerful teams.

As with the other teams, there have been lots of useful and interesting comments – thank you all. The following incorporates that feedback.

Edit: updated to v3 to clarify that doubled cost applies for all such purchases, not just those at team creation.

Plague v3

Some of the points have been changed slightly, a couple of options have changed. Mostly the tables remain as they were because this reflects the model range.

The biggest difference is in the overall team building rules. All models must have at least one mutation, and all models in a team must be different. Incidentally, this makes them a much more appropriate mutant team. The crowd wouldn’t stand for a bunch of mutants looking like the 29ers – they want their mutants weird and varied!

Yes, this does make them a bit more of a modelling challenge. Then again, they were never expected to be anything else.

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26 Responses to Mutants v2

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  2. 4rmless says:

    Making extras cost double is inspired, well done.

  3. wifstrand says:

    Just in case you missed it, you uploaded the team as a .docx file instead of .pdf.

    The new changes are nuts. Nuts, in the best way. They look absolutely perfect now. I wish I had a Batman quote ready like in the Crystallans v2 thread.

  4. skarfang says:

    I think you’ve managed to do the impossible. The team now has variety and style whilst remaining balanced. Now if this could be incorporated into the mechs you’d be onto a winner 👍

  5. 4rmless says:

    Here are a couple of ideas for what I’d field now:

    Option 1 = 100mc
    Guard, Threatening, Gotcha – 19mc
    Guard, Alert, Gotcha – 16mc
    Guard, Alert, 3+ Strength – 15mc
    Striker, 3+ Skill – 15mc
    Striker, 3+ Skill, Alert – 16mc
    Striker, 3+ Skill, Long Arms – 19mc

    Option 2 = 99mc
    Striker, Tail, 3+ Skill – 17mc
    Striker, Alert, Tail, 3+ Skill – 18mc
    Jack, 360 Vision, A Safe Pair of Hands, Move 6 + Duck & Weave, Jump, Stretch – 20mc
    Guard, Threatening, 3+Strength, Grizzled – 22mc
    Guard, Threatening, Gotcha, Grizzled – 22mc

    That’s still a strong team that has a great passing game and very effective guards, but nothing like what they were before as there’s no abusive Dirty Tricks and less scope for silly superman players.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      And no cards or dice.

      • 4rmless says:

        Absolutely, obviously one could take them, but at double the cost I think they’re a little too much, especially if you’re playing in a league where (I assume) you can buy them at the normal rate during the after-match sequence. It may be that you’ve even made them too expensive to ever be chosen, though I’d understand if you went with double because adding a separate table of costs seems clunky.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          No, the doubled cost would have to be all the time to make sense. I don’t expect it to be taken often, but some folk will invest. After all, once your team has them they stay for good.

          And yes, a separate cost would be clunky.

        • 4rmless says:

          Makes sense, I somehow forgot I’d read that bit!

  6. The Enforcer says:

    It isn’t said in the rules but, can you make a team with only Guards? And have less than 6 players on your initial rooster?

    • 4rmless says:

      From the rulebook: If only one team has players able to Throw the ball on the pitch, they win immediately.

      I assume you can have fewer than 6 players, nothing seems to indicate otherwise.

      • The Enforcer says:

        I forgot that rule, you’re right!

      • Pope says:

        4rmless, technically, I believe that is only in Sudden Death (Season One Rulebook p.16). Interstingly, rules as written, it seems if you had an all Guard team and prevent the other team from scoring, AND kill all the Jacks and Strikers, once it become Sudden Death, it is a Draw (same page as above).

        That is unless I am missing something.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Preventing the other team from scoring anything is a risky strategy as there’s no way to come back if they sneak even a single point.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I considered minimum player numbers for a while. However, with the other restrictions I don’t think it really adds anything. They’re always going to be small teams, and that in itself is a drawback, so there seemed to be no reason to punish them further.

      • 4rmless says:

        It’s Mechanites that presented the biggest opportunity for tiny teams, I don’t think it’s possible to have a particularly powerful set of players while also having survivable enough throwers to make this an issue with Mutants. Especially now that dice cost 12!

  7. Lamanzer says:

    Interesting Changes 🙂
    Grizzled/Threatening Combo is Overpowered but only one player can have it.
    Double cost of “Extra” will result to forfeit them or more tricky: to abuse them 🙂

    Example for league:
    Guard, Threatening, 3+Strength, Grizzled – 22mc
    Jack 360° – 9Mc
    Striker Move 6 – 14Mc
    1 dice – 2 cards
    3Mc left

    => First Game: team ranking: 74 (go for 2 Free-agents! ) At least 2 dices for Cash gain.

    (The problem already exist in fact: Forge Father Player in our league waived players every round to play with free-agent and FF Guards, One Jack and Extras)

    • 4rmless says:

      I hope Jake is already aware of this issue, and that we’ll see a fix in a future major rules update. For now there are a number of options for house rules to prevent the abuse. The Boiled Down rule does not help with this as you can just take a load of cheap Jacks and boil them down.

      One issue with the tiny team + free agents is that you can accidentally auto-lose due to having all guards, seen that happen before.

      Grizzled and Threatening just makes them near impossible to slam from the front, I don’t see that happening too often with guards except as a last resort.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Ah, clever. I need to add a note that doubled cost items count that cost towards team ranking.

      I’m tinkering with some additional league rules (or clarifications) to tidy up this sort of thing. Basically. if the crowd would think it was cheesy nonsense (which they would here) then it shouldn’t be allowed in game 🙂

      • theearthdragon says:

        Good move.

        • Is Doubling the Price of Extras in addition to other costs going up TOO expensive? What about 1.5 x the cost of Upgrades? Keeps ’em pricey but doesn’t make them ridiculous.. also, I really wanted to make some Cheerleaders for this team and now they will be relegated to stand ins as Scoring and Rush Markers =p

  8. jgoldenf says:

    Will the only way to change a mutant be to boil them down first? If not, what would be the rules to do additional mutations after a match?

    • You mean if you decided to magnetize all your mutants? I would suspect that you’d just be encouraged to model the upgrade based on the actual Skill or Special Ability you get in the League.. so if your Guard gets 3+ Str through XP, you could add one of the mutant arms that looks right, or even the Teraton arm, without making him a keeper… or if your Guard already has a tentacle upgrade, and gets upgraded to a keeper via XP, you wouldn’t have to tear the arm off and reglue on the Teraton arm.. you could just find a way to add armor and a “glove” to one arm.. at least that’s how I’d expect it to work.. I don’t think the Mutants will have their “own” upgrade chart… not unless Jake is looking for brownie points and working WAY overtime!!!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      No, mutants won’t have their own mutant upgrade chart. If you went down that route then you could quite rightly argue for a load more, and then you’d end up with every team with several which would be very unwieldy.

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