Gates of Antares Concord Plastics Review

The opponent for the Ghar battle squad in the Gates of Antares starter box are the Concord infantry. I can’t find a good close up of the painted plastic squad on its own, so here’s the whole set’s contents shot. The Concord are in cream and green on the left.

GOA contentsAs before, here’s the front of the sprue…

Concord front…and the back.

Concord backAs before, click on the pics for bigger versions.

Having seen some of these assembled when I was at the Derby show, I know that they look pretty good when they’re put together. At least, I thought so. There were others who thought that their legs looked a bit off. I couldn’t see that myself, and I rather like their non-“heroic” scaling too. Certainly it’s a point of difference from 40K.

The sprue itself has enough bits to make 5 Concord troopers with or without some sort of special weapon (on the right, below). I’ve no idea what it’s called, it’s just something a bit bigger as squad support. The standard rifle is on the left.

Concord weaponsThe sprue also has a support drone (where I suspect the real firepower lies) which played as a separate unit in the demo I had. It also includes two spotter drones (one for the squad of 5 men and another to accompany the drone): so 2 whole units per sprue, apart from bases. The support drone has a choice of 2 weapons, though one of them doesn’t seem to do anything much against the Ghar.

So here we have another sprue of armoured humans in space. I think it’s pretty nicely done, and it’s worth recognising that it’s a hard thing to make really striking. These look like being the reference point for humans in space in the game, and so are fairly vanilla in appearance. And in any case, how much can you do with humans in space? I’ll answer that another time.

Personally, I think the styling is interesting. The armoured suits are a mix of both soft shapes that blend into each other, and hard edges. You can see what I mean on the legs, below. This is a deliberate part of the design rather than anything to do with the models being “soft”. This much is clear from looking at the rest of the sprue.

Concord legsI also like the helmet design, though here we come to what might be a bit tricky when it comes to cleaning up the models. The mould line’s got to go somewhere, and here it goes down the middle of the face. I understand why they’ve done this, I just wish they’d tweaked the design so it could have been avoided. The face is the focal point of the model, and any small misalignment will be a real pain to tidy up.

Concord headsOverall, the mould lines are very subtle, and the small sink holes on a couple of arms may well have gone by the time we see production sprues. In any case, I don’t think they’d show on the final model, so it’s all fine anyway.

Everything on the sprue is nice and sharp where it needs to be, and overall I think it’s another good showing from Warlord. I assume that there will also be a sprue of bases in the style of the Ghar battle squad’s shallow, lipped base, plus possible flying bases for the drones.

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5 Responses to Gates of Antares Concord Plastics Review

  1. Nathan says:

    I didn’t think much of them. But now they are growing on me jake. I’ve been poking around and seen some nice paint jobs on them.
    I wish they had done lots of pin markers and not just a few with numbers on. So you only need 1. I much prefer lots of pin markers :). If the are sold seperate, then i would buy extra. Because they looked cool. And the ones at the show were red.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Got any links to particularly good paint jobs? I’d like to see what people have done with them.

      I agree on the pin markers. The numbers on them were tiny and even if they were coloured in I think it’s a bit fiddly and easy to knock so you show 2 instead of 3, etc. Using one marker per pin on the unit is much more visually satisfying. For those that don’t know what we’re talking about, the pin markers have a little dial that you turn to show how many pins the unit has suffered. It’s a reasonable enough idea, it just didn’t seem terribly well executed and more explosions trumps neat dial anyway 🙂

      And yes, the product pic shown at the top is wrong, apparently. I think it was Rick that said the pin markers in the production set would all be red like the ones we saw at the show.

  2. Roger Meanwell says:

    These are a real pain to assemble. I prefer to attach the arms to the weapon when they are carried in front of the body and paint them separately, then attach the shoulders after painting is complete. Unfortunately the contact area between the left wrist and arm is only 1 square millimetre at best and is extremely weak and the shoulder joints are very vague in their position. So far I have had 5 hand/wrist joints fail with handling. This problem was brought to the attention of the staff on Warlord games stand at Warfare yesterday. The sink marks are still in attendance along with attachment points in elbow joints. Overall, in my opinion a poorly designed product. Good job I still have some Space marines left.
    Regards, Roger.

  3. Krista says:

    Great blog yoou have

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