Oh Balls!

The Farce is strong in this one. As is the innuendo. I’ve been trying to resist mentioning it, but I can’t. It’s just too silly.

I’ve mentioned Macrocosm Miniatures a few times, and shown off some of their retro-SF style sculpts, like these ones:

DiggersMy own retro-SF skirmish game got put to one side while I moved, and hasn’t resurfaced yet. It’s that sort of thing I’d be using them for though, along with the Colony 87 figures, and a number of other, carefully chosen models in that nostalgic style. Can’t beat a little bit of nostalgia 🙂

For their latest trick, Macrocosm have gone for something completely different: floating balls.

Because… um…

Well, just because.

Macrocosm balls.jpgI have a strong feeling that this began as a joke in a pub. However, let’s be fair to the guys: they’ve run (or floated) with it all the way. Now on Kickstarter at 30 times their initial target, it’s still got legs (and wings, arms… ) with a variety of different shapes and sizes and embellishments to pick from, including large, small, swarm, horny, and, of course, great balls of fire. I suspect we’ll see a lot more groanable jokes before the curtain falls on this one.

So what on Earth are they for, I hear you ask? Whatever your fevered imagination can contrive, is (I think) the best answer. Certainly they’re not a specific army for a specific game, and that I think is where their real interest lies. They are about imagination. With the various different add-ons you could easily make them into ersatz Squigs, Beholders or just weird Chaos things.

Balls with arms.jpgI expect a plague of them to be inflicted on unfortunate role-players across the globe, and I’d imagine someone will do an army or two of them. We’ve seen rock-based HOTT armies, so why not a load of balls?

Army of balls.jpg


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6 Responses to Oh Balls!

  1. There will also be a standalone game for the balls. It’s something like a cross between Guild Ball and snooker. I should have an early beta ready by the end of May.

  2. Watchmen83 says:

    The game should be called “When Balls Touch”. 😉

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