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Improving Diversity In Miniature Gaming

Recently, over on Beastsofwar, there was a series of discussions on the forum about whether Games Workshop was racist or not. As is the way with these things, it bled sideways into various related topics and became somewhat heated at … Continue reading

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Numbers Always Lie

Ben dug out an interesting report on the value of gaming as a whole (in the US). It’s interesting stuff. For me, the most troubling thought is not that CCGs are worth almost twice the total of other types of gaming put together … Continue reading

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Games Industry Survey

If you’re interested in games as a business rather than just a pastime, Purple Pawn’s annual look is well worth reading. It takes a while to collate so this latest one is data from 2013. Some interesting nuggets in there. … Continue reading

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What Has Kickstarter Ever Done For Us?

With DeadZone live on Kickstarter I’m dealing with a lot more KS comments than usual and reading a lot more forums about it. Well, Deadzone plus pledging on a couple myself recently. One thing I came across this morning was … Continue reading

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WIll 3D Printing Kill Miniature Companies?

Of all the trends I see in the gaming industry at the moment, the one that I find most concerning and potentially disruptive is 3D printing. Currently, companies use this as an increasingly important part of their design and mastering … Continue reading

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Can Gaming Genres Be Too Crowded?

Here’s a question I’d like to pose you. Yes, you. Can gaming genres be so full that there is no room for anything else? By gaming genres I mean things like “fantasy skirmish”, or “fictional sports board game”. Obviously if … Continue reading

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It’s Not Really My Place, But…

Can I just have a quiet word about the arrival of your DreadBall sets? Good. Don’t tell Ronnie. Mantic has been coming in for a lot of flak over the way this is being delivered, and it’s not fair to … Continue reading

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